This is my favorite thing Tom has ever done, and it’s just a ten minute comedic video. It always manages to brighten up my day, and I hope this brightens yours.

As an aside: In those bright eyes and in that exuberant smile is the purest form of joy that I’ve ever seen. :) He is my role model. (The second gif is my personal favorite.) Tom you goof ball- we love you. :’)

His dirty blond hair was slightly dampened by rain, making him look cute like a little boy than his sparkling eyes did. But his sharp cheekbones, strong nose and solid jaw said otherwise as he looked every inch of a man and could easily be the most attractive man inside this very restaurant. The phone inside his hand lit up as an incoming call rang through. Pressing the phone against his ear, his eyes never left mine until a flash of what seemed to be disappointment crossed his face, looking down towards the stained carpet. READ MORE HERE / WRITTEN BY tomcuddlesfic / ILLUSTRATIONS BY onebuttscratcher ++ MORE HERE