I made this. Well, not totally, but I spent the whole day converting it from a normal ’70s Gibson SG 1 to a two-pickup monster! Equipped with a Duncan Firebird pickup in the bridge and a @lollarpickups Low-Wind P90 in the neck position. Obviously, I had to rout out the body for the neck pickup, and unfortunately the neck was too far inset to use templates. (The neck on ’70s models was inset a bit on the body) As such, I had to freehand the pickup cavity which actually looked pretty good. In the end, I decided to make a ring to surround the pickup in the style of old Gibson ‘Goof Strips’, which you’ll sometimes see on ’60s guitars to cover routs or some other weirdness; I think it looks much more in line with the base-model aesthetic of the instrument. I am incredibly happy with this work! Additionally, we moved the tone pot to where the jack used to be, put the switch in the old tone location, then added a barrel jack to the bottom edge. Also, an old Badass bridge we had laying around. How does it sound? Sharp and snarly. This was a lot of fun! #guitar #gibson #vintage #sg #sg1 #pickup #mod #wow #seattle #guitartech #yes (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)