she is a magician,
showing only small parts of her act at one time,
she gives people only small glimpses of herself,
she is the magician and the entertainment.

in love,
out of love,
confused in the head,
right in the mind.

this is a girl with more than two faces,
with more than two people,
yet she cannot stop feeling so damn alone,
she’s never been sure how to stop the changing.

she cannot show her whole self to anyone,
afraid of rejection or of fear or of pity,
there is no universe where ripping open your ribcage to expose your heart,
could ever end up well.

no one in her life knows her,
they know select bits and pieces,
the easy-to-swallow snippets,
the publicly presentable memories.

how tiring it is to always be keeping yourself,
hidden behind a mask,
always so fearful for anyone to see more than one side of you,
what a shame.

—  the magician; l.m.


You fiddled with the lock on your bike, and couldn’t get it jammed in. You sighed in frustration.
“Need help?” A charming sounding voice said behind you making you jump. You turned to find a bright blue eyed guy, giving you a smirk.
“Uh ya, thanks…” Stepping aside, you let him take over at the tricky lock.
“So are you a freshman?” He asked hunched over.
“Ya, you? I just moved here…”
“Same, I just transferred,” he fiddled, “there you go!” He got up and placed his hand on his hips, satisfied.
“Thanks!” You smiled, “where did you transfer from?”
“Devenford Prep…”‘he looked away annoyed.
“My brother used to go there!”
“Really?” He didn’t look interested at the coincidence so you decided to gather your things.
“Um, so what’s your name?” He asked.
“I’m Liam!”
“Hello, Liam,” you smirked.
“This may seem a little fast, but I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat after school? I mean starting at a new school is tough and all, at least not when you don’t got a friend….maybe we can make it together?”
You didn’t know. You never really went out with a guy before. You’re really shy and always the known as the dorky girl hunched the corner. A cute guy like Liam at your old school would never have given you the time of day. “Sure,” you said without realizing it.
“Alright! I’ll see you uh, here? After school?” He squinted, biting his lip.
“Sounds like a plan to me, see you then,” you waved walking off. He waved back.
“Hey!” You heard a shout as you were walking up the stairs, “watch where you’re going!!” You turned around to Liam yelling at a scrawny freshman. You cocked your head a little, and then caught Liam staring at you, his eyes sparked a yellow color, which startled you, making you hurry up to your class.


You unlocked your bike.
“Hey baby?” He a junior walked up to wrapping and arm around your shoulder and stroking your arm, “how you doing??”
Liam walked over and noticed how uncomfortable you were.
“Hey let her go!” He looked like he was bearing his teeth? You were puzzled at it, but the junior took off running.
“Ready?” He gave a half smile, very charming.
You were really uneasy now seeing him lose his temper but you decided to go anyway, have some fun for once. You were a studier, always got your head in a book. But it was the first day of school, you didn’t have any homework anyway.
You followed him up to a burger joint.
“Why don’t we try this place out?” He locked your bike for you and held open the door.
You walked in as he pushed the chair out for you and tucked you in, a true gentleman, you thought.
You ordered a regular cheese burger and he did the same.
“And a drink?” The waiter asked.
“Coke,” you both said at the same time smiling and blushing. You both looked down laughing.
“Ok, coming up…”
You made awkward small talk until then. You were so nervous around him, he just had this way to him, yet it was so intriguing and you couldn’t resist him.
The waiter came over and placed the burgers down. As she grabbed Liam’s plate though, she knocked over the coca cola on the tray, sending it flying and spilling all over Liam.
“Oh my god!” He got up, face flushing, you saw his eyes flash that weird color again, startling you.
“I’m so sorry!” She shrieked grabbing a napkin.
He started panting. but calmed down all of a sudden, “it’s totally fine,” he flashed a smile and sat down. “I got it,” he wiped his staining pants. “On well, accidents happen.”
He grabbed his burger and dug in, so you did the same hesitantly.
“This is really good!” He piped.
“It really is!” You smiled and he winked, causing you to feel a little tingle in your very bones.
There was just something with him. He kept flirting with you, making witty banter, you just ate it up surprisingly.
He paid for the quick me as it was starting to get dark.
“Here let me take you home. I don’t want you to go alone, now that it’s getting dark,” he placed his hand on your back after he tipped as much as he could and ushered you out. You hopped on your bikes and took off, directing Liam to your house.
“Wow…it’s real nice…” He whistled and looked at your giant home. Your dad was a business owner and came here for better opportunities.
“Ya, I guess, gets kinda lonely…” You walked up to the door, “well…I better go,” you said trying to break the tension, you hadn’t done this door end of “date” type thing yet.
“Wait!” He said as you grabbed for the handle, which startled you, thinking he was going to lash out again. But he leaned in and gave you a quick peck on the mouth.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Just trying to go for the classy door scene,” he laughed and his eyes flashed again, but you felt that tingly feeling again, this time in your stomach.
“Has anyone ever told you have the prettiest eyes?” He asked. His were still yellow, oddly.
“Yours are too. What are they? Like a golden-hazel?” He eyes bulged out, turning blue has he did. Causing you to step back. He took off without one word, clearly embarrassed.

Little did you know the real truth and that he was head over heals for you. He was going to become your little puppy, following you around everywhere. He fell for that little geeky girl still shining through from deep down inside you. He might have had a bad temper, and tried protecting innocent shy you, but he cared and he was going to treat you like his queen….

I hope you like it, it took a while. It was a tricky one…

anonymous asked:

Can I request a ficcy for: "Imagine Loki finding you on the streets of New York, and offers you to stay with him. When you’re in his apartment with a cup of tea in you hand, he asks you how you ended up homeless. You tell him that your parents were killed when you were fourteen. He then asks how your parents died, and when you tell him that they died during his attack on New York, he takes your hand and starts saying sorry over and over again."?


Hi I have a Big request and was wondering if any creators were interested in doing these. 

I love all the 1950′s / retro hair but there aren’t in natural or curly texture and was wondering if someone could re-textures theses hair for me. any creator can do any texture they thing will look better on the hair. Also you don’t have to do every single one. 

Photo 1 has  Curly Retexture by  Littlecat  Get Here 

Photo 2 has  Afro/ Natural Retexture by  Littlecat Get Here

Photo 3 has  Nymphy’s Waves Texture Get Here

Photo 4 has   EA Texture Get Here

EA  Hairs

Labyrinth Twists - Mesh Here
Blossom Twist - Mesh Here
High Ponytail - Mesh Here  
Pin-up Pretty - Mesh Here
The Professional - Mesh Here
Dramatic Ponytail - Mesh Here
Pert Pixie Cut - Mesh Here  (Kids Version of Hair Here)
The Sitcom Style - Mesh Here  (Kids Version of Hair Here)
Elegance Style - Mesh Here
The Innocent Style - Mesh Here
Roaring Heights Hairs - Mesh Here  (Kids Version of Hair Here)
Floral Updo - Mesh Here
Bouffant Bun - Mesh Here
Roaring Heights’ Wavy Bob V.2 edited by RTS Italy  - Mesh Here
Floral Updo (no flowers) - Mesh Here
Beehive Ponytail - Mesh Here
More Volume Pompadour - Curly Retexture Done Already Here
Sophisticated Updo - Curly Retexture Done Already Here
Betty Bangs (Fast Lane) - Mesh Here
High Pompadour (Showtime) - Mesh Here
Hat Samm (Ambition) - Mesh Here
Master Suite Hairs (Female) - Mesh Here   


Hairstyle #94 - Mesh Here
Hairstyle #83 - Mesh Here  
Hairstyle #82 - Mesh Here  
Hairstyle #64 - Mesh Here


My everyday Pinup Hairstyle with bandana - Mesh Here
My everyday Pinup Hairstyle - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles06 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles05v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles04v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles04 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles03v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles02v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles02 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles01v2 - Mesh Here


J153 Born To Die - Mesh Here  
J150 Sunset Glow - Mesh Here  
J134  Ultra Lover - Natural Retexture Done Already Here
J122 Hedonism - Mesh Here  
J124 Postcard - Mesh Here    
J100 Thron Bird - Mesh Here  
J094 Miles Away - Mesh Here  
J092 Heroine - Mesh Here  

Other Creators

Cazy Porcelain Heart  - Mesh Here  
Nightcrawler Hair21 (with Flowers)    - Mesh Here   
Nightcrawler Hair 21 Without FlowersCurly Retexture Done Already Here
Nightcrawler Hair13  - Mesh Here  
cloudwalkersims Butterfly Bangs hair  - Mesh Here  
Gwenupdo female  - Mesh Here  
Bunglam female  - Mesh Here  
Nouk “Office Chick” Hair  - Mesh Here  
Bumper bangs & victory roll’d hair  - Mesh Here  
Rose 21  - Mesh Here  
Peggy 902  - Mesh Here
Peggy 857 - Mesh Here
Peggy June 2012 Special Gift - Mesh Here
Elexis Sweetly Broken  - Mesh Here
Hollywood Curls by RTS Italy - Mesh Here
Tankuz Newsea Swan Edited Mesh Here
Modish-Kitten Rosie - Mesh Here

he showers her in roses,
plants a flower garden for her on black stone,
he builds her a castle under the earth.

this is the lord of hell,
he will give his queen,
any piece of it that she likes.

she rules by his side,
an equal not a right hand,
she reaps her own crops.

graceful persephone,
spring princess,
autumn queen.

looming hades,
summer king,
winter lord.

they rule side by side,
a wasteland of the dead,
a wasteland of promise.

—  underworld royalty; l.m.