The Signs as Aesthetics!

Aries: Fire Crackling, Denim, and Fiery Sunsets

Taurus: Pale Skin, Old Vinyls, and Calm, Reflective Bodies of Water

Gemini: Cool Graffiti, Holographic Materials, and Starry Nights

Cancer: Bath Bombs, Baby Animals, and Poetry

Leo: Silvery/Sparkly Things Against a Dull Background, Bright Red Roses, and Piercing Blue Eyes

Virgo: Perfectly Winged Eyeliner, Detailed Artistic Patterns, and Cool Letter Fonts

Libra: The Sound of Steady Rain, Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things, and Black and White

Scorpio: Thunder During Heavy Rain, Grunge, and Long, Spider-Like Eyelashes

Sagittarius: Messy Hair, Multicolored Eyes, and Lots of Freckles

Capricorn: Pens Scratching Against a Clean Paper, Grid Patterns, and City Skylines

Aquarius: Powdery Snow Blowing Across a Flat Surface, Silver Hair, and Pop Art

Pisces: Blowing Dandelions, Pastel Colors, and Tiny Things in Jars

The Signs in a Medieval Storybook!

Aries: Kings

Taurus: Villain

Gemini: Nymphs

Cancer: Princesses

Leo: Princes

Virgo: Noble Steeds

Libra: Prophet/Oracle

Scorpio: Dragons

Sagittarius: Animals that for an unexplained reason can talk, and brings comedic value

Capricorn: Queens

Aquarius: Sidekicks or Pets who help defeat the villain/dragon

Pisces: Fairies