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I am sorry if this question is being asked to frequently >< but can you describe Mysungsoo like how do you feel about him? He has this mysterious image and does not talk much type of personality which make fans fall in love with him.

he often comes off as cold or intimidating to others, but one can guarantee that once you get to know him you’ll find out he is quite the opposite. He’s very clumsy and often slips, which causes him to get all shy and embarrassed

he could be hyper and playful with the person he closed and trust the most

he treats people awkwardly. but once you know him well, he will be very talkative

he loves to eat

he look like a cute kitten when he smile

he is actually pretty stubborn and obstinate 

he has a lot of aegyo

he really like skinship

he is a great photographer

he is really sensitive, although he is cheerful outside

he makes people so incredibly happy and has the most beautiful smile and the kindest heart


150411 ‘I Want Music Energy’ Concert in Macau - Singing Happy Birthday Song for Hoya
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