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140917 SBS My Lovely Girl - Episode 1 (Myungsoo & Hoya Cut)

140917 Rain (Jung JiHoon) posted a group selfie with the My Lovely Girl Cast:  Jung SooJung (Krystal), Kim MyungSoo (L), Cha Ye Ryun, Alex Chu, Kim Jin Woo, & Kim Ki Bang

He said that they all got together and watched the first episode together.

Its really cute to see the cast bonding with each other, then you know that they have become good friends.

I know just from watching that L & Rain have gotten close (since they are also playing rivals in the show) and same goes for Krystal and Cha Ye Ryun, however Krystal sticks to Ye Ryun like gum. She’s always been affectionate towards her unnies. She’s so cute.

I’m glad to see that Soojungie doesn’t care how she looks in front her cast oppas *I don’t think any of them are wearing any makeup* (including Myungsoo who is the closest to her age in this pic. I’m glad my ship are good friends in real life, I would want them to date. But just knowing that they are really close makes me happy enough. )

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