EXO Music Shows (041515-041915)

                       3rd week of ‘Call Me Baby’ promotion.

Show Champion (041515)

Mcountdown! (041615)

Music Bank (041715)

  • 9th Win

Music Core (041815)

  • 10th Win

Inkigayo (041915)

  • 11th Win and First Triple Crown

The boys didn't perform in Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo because they're in Japan for a fanmeet but they still won~

Here is for the Updates (video links w/ eng sub) from (041315-041815)

EXO Music Show (040815-041215)

Music Bank In Hanoi (040815)

Show Champion (040815)

Mcountdown (040915)

Music Bank (041015)

Music Core (041115)

Inkigayo (041215)

  • {ENG} Full Cut w/ Baekhyun & Suho MC (Still in the process of uploading, gonna update when it’s already uploaded.)
  • -Download Link: Mega | Baidu (Performance + Ending)
  • -Download Link: Mega (MC Cut + Ending)

Disclaimer: I do not own any videos above, the only thing I did is compile everything in one post so it’s easier to navigatexo ^^