Henley — “I hate this.”
Isaac — “But I thought this was what you wanted tonight. You came here and-“
Henley — “No, I know. I don’t mean I hate being here. I mean I hate this.” (She gestures between them) “I hate that we drifted apart. I hate that we’re pretending-“
Isaac — “Maybe one of us is not pretending.”
Henley(She smiles at his words, then her face falls) “But what I hate the most is, I hate that I miss you so much.”
Isaac — “I hate it too.”

  • Chapter Eleven — Welcome to the Past (Snippet #2)

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Julgue o beck que eu fumo, o copo que eu tomo, tudo que eu consumo e a mina que eu como, diga que sou um demônio, me mostre sua cruz, promova a escuridão alegando ser luz… Covarde! Conversa pra criança, ideia vencida, seu moralismo cansa
—  ret

John and Mary husband and


bringing home a brand new


his name is 


I’m big brother


the perfect family

or so it seemed

Looking into someone’s eyes can be a scary thing, but when you find the one whom ignites the spark. It’s like looking into your own soul.