my reaction to high school would be like:
  • me:*walking down hall way to class with friends*
  • queen bitches:*looks at my friends and I and makes disgusted face*
  • me:*notices and looks around pointing to myself, looking as if I'm wondering if they were looking at us*
  • queen bitches:*puzzled look*
  • me:*looks flattered when I "realize" they were looking about me* *whispers to friends and leaves them to go up to them*
  • me:*to queen bitch* hey, big fan, I couldn't help but notice you were playing "The Game".
  • queen bitches:*even more confused*
  • me:you were just doing a fine job of it. I wanted to compliment you. *smiles sarcastically*
  • queen bitch #1:what are you talking about?
  • me:you don't know The Game? *tsks* well, since you do it so often, I assumed you knew the rules.*sighs* alright fine let me explain to you. *gets closer*
  • queen bitches:*gets closer curiously*
  • so, what you do is when you see someone walking in the hallway, you LOOK at them. Just look and assess what they're wearing, how they walk, their hair, EVERYTHING. And, get this, if you don't like even one little thing about them, then you make this face *makes disgusted bitch face* at them. Much like the one you're doing now.
  • me:*winks*
  • queen bitch:...*stunned 'what the fuck?' face*
  • me:oh, but it gets better! *licks lips seriously as I continue to explain* all of the fun is watching them crumble and shatter into a million pieces. The fun is watching them fall further into depression. To watch as they silently surrender to you, calling you "God", because that's what we are, right? Gods? Because we know EXACTLY what is going on in everyone's life even if we haven;t ever talked to them. Because everyone is beneath us! Isn't it fun to watch them squirm under your stare?!
  • queen bitch:listen you little sl-
  • me:*deadly glare and low voice* don't interrupt me while I'm talking. thats rude. *switches back to sarcastic excitement* Alright, so now that I'm done explaining the rules, I'll give you an example. *points at random person* You see her? I don't like her. You know why? because her clothes look like they were bought from the thrift store and they're not like that because her family is running out of money and that's all she has, they're ugly because I said so.
  • queen bitch #2:what..?
  • me:you know what I do now?
  • queen bitch #1:*makes disgusted bitch face*
  • me:you're right! I make the face! *makes face*
  • alright, now it's your turn!
  • me:*gestures for her to go*
  • queen bitch:...
  • me:what? got a problem judging people now? but you do it so well! *exaggerated sigh* alright well I'll make it easier for you..do me! I promise I won't cry. *spreads arms so she can look at me*
  • queen bitches:*looking at each other, surprised*
  • me:alright. What is it? is it my hair? *messes up hair*
  • no? okay..is it the clothes? *pulls one sleeve up and rolls up pants* is it my voice? *lowers voice*
  • no?! god, you're good! Then WHAT IS IT?!
  • queen bitch #1:alright get to the fucking point...
  • me:*atmosphere changes to excitement to serious intimidation* you see..You're mistaking me for someone who gives a flying fuck what you think about me, but if I catch you making that face at one of my friends again, you won't like what happens. So, take your bitch face and be nice for a fucking change.
  • queen bitch:*stunned*
  • me:*turns around to go back to friends* *stops and yells* you might even like where it leads you.
  • *boss ass bitch plays in the background while I walk away*
  • (I will fucking kick high school's ass, man. Bring it.)
Let's sweep the Shorty Awards 2015 for Misha!


Daddy Misha admirers!


RandomActs supporters!

Who’s in for a Shorty Awards sweep for the King of social media?

All you need to do is to login into your twitter account and take four minutes to vote in these four categories:

  1. Vote @MishaCollins in best #Actor, HERE.
  2. Vote @GISHWHES in best #Weird, HERE.
  3. Vote @RandomActsOrg in best #Charity, HERE. 
  4. Vote @MishaCollins in best #Parent, HERE. UPDATE: Misha was #1 in #parent thanks to your votes. But unfortunately Shorty Awards removed him from this category (& probably moved his #parent votes to #actor.)


  • You can vote only once for the same nominee in the same category, from the same twitter account. So if you vote for all your favorite actors in #actor, all your votes count. BUT voting for the same nominee in the same category more than once just replaces the text of your original vote; it does not count as an additional vote for him.
  • Apparently, if you have not confirmed the email address you use for your twitter account, your votes do NOT count.
  • Your vote MUST include a reason [after “Because…”], otherwise your vote does NOT count. Try to write creative and relevant reasons (it is important!) and please do NOT copy other votes’ reasons.  Votes with identical reasons may be deleted.
  • In each category, three top nominees with the most nominations from the public will be finalists.
  • Voting closes on Feb.19, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST.
  • Awards ceremony will be held on April20, 2015 in NewYork City and live-streamed on the web.
  • Like we mentioned before, your votes for the same person in the same category from the same twitter account counts ONLY ONCE – no matter how many times you vote. So unlike PCA, we can’t help with voting many times. Instead we need to encourage ALL our fellow minions to vote and let them know it just takes a couple of minutes to vote. So please reblog this post and spread the word!




Misha Collins WON his first People’s Choice Award tonight! He won “favorite sci-fi/fantasy TV actor” award!


We are speechless! Misha minions are truly AMAZING!

Misha was NOT even pre-nominated by PCA, YOU got him nominated by WRITE-IN (really big deal!) and he won by YOUR COUNTLESS votes!

You made Misha really happy ;’) We can just say thank you and congrats, guys! :)

It’s time for us to believe "Good things do happen…"