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what is happening with katy perry and taylor swift?

Ok so Taylor Swift revealed in an interview that she’s written a song called Bad Blood which is about a feud she has with another female singer (she didn’t say who though). She claimed that this female singer tried to “basically sabotage a whole arena tour” by hiring people out from under her.
Now everyone is like 99% sure it’s about Katy Perry. Remember that Katy dated Taylor’s ex; John Mayer and I personally think Taylor Swift kinda has beef with Katy over that anyway.
So basically Taylor Swift is saying that Katy stole her dancers.
Let me tell you this though-they were Katy’s dancers originally, they danced with her on Katy’s California Dreams Tour a few years ago and Katy and the tour crew became like a family. When that tour ended, some of the dancers ended up dancing on Taylor Swifts tour. However, some time during then, Katy would have asked those dancers if they wanted to dance with her again as she was planning her next world tour- The Prismatic World Tour. The dancers decided to go back to Katy and have been with her on this tour.
Katy didn’t “steal” those dancers, they made the choice to go back to her and that’s absolutely okay, i’m pretty sure they gave Taylor 30 days notice before leaving so it hardly sabotaged her tour, yes it may have been inconvenient but not tour sabotaging. Katy treats her tour crew like family, they have days out all together whilst touring and Katy is well aware that none of it could happen without them and the hard work they put in too, it’s no wonder they decided to go and dance for Katy again, the way she treats them, anyone would!
Hope that clears it up for you. Just clarifying again that Katy didn’t steal any dancers, they were her’s to begin with and they made the decision to go back to her. In my opinion, Taylor Swift is being really immature writing a song about Katy when she really hasn’t done anything wrong, it seems that she has nothing else to write songs about anymore😂