[TRANS] JJ: “Normally baby cry, for Junsu’s case, born alr know how to sing.” ROFL Epic JJ

"Junsu knew r&b since he was born!!!"
YC: “He (JS) started singing since he came out from his mun’s stomach” HAHAHA

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[ENG SUB] 140907 JYJ’s Interview with Tencent’s QQ before their concert in Chengdu ‘RETURN OF THE KING’

Fans of Chengdu are especially enthusiastic/passionate

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140917 - Musical Actress Jeon Sookyung mentions Kim Junsu on tvN’s “Taxi”

[Partial trans]

“Kim Junsu stands out. I got his phone number the hard way when coming on stage at an award ceremony. He is a friend who has good manners unlike that of top stars.”


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140906 JYJ full interview from iqiyi   cr.Meg Wu

[TRANS] 140916 Highlight of JYJ exclusive interview with MTV Taiwan ‘I Love Idols’

When asked about their dressing, Junsu and Jaejoong said in the past, they would dress to their album concept but now, they will just dress comfortably. As for Yoochun, he is addicted to sandals, YC “I only have sandals will do, I don’t like to stand at the shoe rack for too long, I just want to go out immediately, even when I wear shawl and coat in Winter, I still will go out in sandals.”

The members have their own activities, will they contact with one another? And Yoochun and Jaejoong stand together, exposed that Junsu is so busy, doesn’t have the time to care about them, YC “I want to contact Junsu so much, I value him very much.” And Jaejoong continued, JJ “I also wish Junsu will contact me.” Junsu rebutted, JS “You all can contact me.” And Jaejoong once created a group chat and invited the members, Yoochun exposed that Junsu was the first one to exit from the group chat, YC “Then Jaejoong exited , only left me.”

As for who is the funniest among the three of them, Junsu pointed Jaejoong, JS “The funniest among the members.” Jaejoong said, “I’m that kind of person who try hard to be funny, Yoochun is funny by nature.”

Source: http://udn.com/NEWS/ENTERTAINMENT/ENT5/8938111.shtml
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[VIDEO] 140915 JYJ’s Exclusive Interview with iQiyi before their concert in Chengdu ‘RETURN OF THE KING’

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JYJ Line Update (16.9.2014)

흑산면 두번째 도서관 너무 감사합니다 저도 꼭 가보고싶네요. ^^


많은 분들을 위해 숨은 자리에서 노력해주시는 분들 그 마음과 응원 느껴집니다 ^^정말 고마워요

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