Today, five years ago, you nervously stood on your debut stage, not knowing what the future would bring. You have come so far since that day. For five years, we have gone through laughter and tears, happiness and sadness - MBLAQ and A+ together. While some A+ have been with you since the beginning, and while some just recently got to know your amazing music and lovely personalities, the one thing we all have in common is the undying love for you. Whatever happens in the future, A+ is always going to stand by your side, to protect and to support. Thank you for the laughters, the love, your hard work, your music, and just the fact that we all got to know that such perfect human beings like you exists. Thank you for everything. 

"Trust, loyalty, friendship, support. This is MBLAQ."
[REBLOG THIS, PLEASE] Read, is important.

Today, MBLAQ had a performance at Donguigwahakdae Festival in Busan, they sang Mona Lisa, This Is War, Be A Man, Key and Oh Yeah. However during Key song, G.O cried a lot and the other BLAQies seemed sad. 

Also, Mir tweeted a weird tweet and some A+ speculated tha MBLAQ might disband, but a KA+ called J.Tune and they said it wouldn’t happen. However, all A+ on the world are sending positive messages to cheer our boys. Then, let’s send tweets, pics and more with positive messages for them! 

We all want our boys smiling and happy, not sad! Let’s cheer them up on twitter. Reblog this and spread the words to all A+!

Ps: As Joon doesn’t have twitter, just put @이준 in your tweets.

Thank you!