sherlock: i consider myself married to my work… *immediately takes john on cases*

sherlock: *never corrects people who assume he and john are a couple*

sherlock: *jumps off a building to save john*

sherlock: just you and me against the rest of the world

sherlock: i prefer my doctors clean-shaven

sherlock: *begs on his knees for john’s forgiveness*

sherlock: you. it’s always you. john watson, you keep me right

sherlock: *leaves john’s wedding early*

sherlock: *starts shooting up again after one month of not seeing john*

sherlock: *comes back from the literal fucking dead because john is in danger*

sherlock: because…you chose her

sherlock: *kills a man for john*

sherlock: john, there’s something i should say…i’ve meant to say, always, but then never have…

sherlock: *holds the hand that shook john’s to his lips while crying*


  • Straight guys:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Straight girls:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Gay guys:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Lesbians:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Kathy Bates:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Me:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Sarah Paulson:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • AHS cast:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Obama:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Ryan Murphy:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • AHS fans:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • God:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Anyone who breathes:Jessica Lange is perfect.
  • Jessica Lange:Who me ??
  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:sherlock never even got a chance to tell john why he had to fake his suicide and john ended up forgiving him anyway, which was nice but just another of many examples of their inability to communicate with each other, the distance between them being perpetuated and widened by a seemingly endless stream of similar miscommunication -- almost always being one of them doing something out of love for the other, and the other failing to realize that it was out of love while the first doesn't even try to make their intentions more apparent (i.e. the fall, of course, and john's whole blog, etc, etc) -- and all these stupid misunderstanding create an aggregate entity of such obvious mutual love and affection which can only really be seen in its whole from outside of their friendship/almost-relationship, ultimately leaving them in the dark about the very present mutuality of both's feelings for the other while leaving it clear as day to mrs. hudson, mycroft, irene, molly, the gay barkeeps, angelo, and everyone else who meets them, even mary for christ's sake.