4 years ago today we started this crazy adventure and we’ve conquered the world several times over and still continuing to do so. Our canvas was blank when we first met but now full of bright illuminating colours. I love looking back over older pictures of J and I, they capture my heart so much…We’ve grown and excelled with ourselves an incredible amount. I want to continue to live and experience every moment with you, I want to make you feel things you’ve never felt before and take you to the secret hide away’s of the world. I love you to the moon and back my lover and forever wil;.


I’m exhausted. I no longer wish to imagine your hands tracing the contour of my frame. Dominate me. Wake my body from the unconscious wasteland it has become. Please, climb inside of me and plant your presence.



almost every shinee promo has some sort of story with some sort of easter egg sprinkled here and there:

  • the misconceptions albums are all connected to tell a love story
  • sherlock is the intro to the misconceptions album
  • taemin throwing away his old skateboard in his solo
  • jonghyun’s solo may be the continuation or explanation of taemin’s solo?
  • both taemin’s and jonghyun’s logo own the same font and pattern
  • adding one more side to taemin’s logo makes jonghyun’s logo
  • all of this could be connected to an overall new logo to shinee as a group as if part of them is alwasy connected to shinee