almost every shinee promo has some sort of story with some sort of easter egg sprinkled here and there:

  • the misconceptions albums are all connected to tell a love story
  • sherlock is the intro to the misconceptions album
  • taemin throwing away his old skateboard in his solo
  • jonghyun’s solo may be the continuation or explanation of taemin’s solo?
  • both taemin’s and jonghyun’s logo own the same font and pattern
  • adding one more side to taemin’s logo makes jonghyun’s logo
  • all of this could be connected to an overall new logo to shinee as a group as if part of them is alwasy connected to shinee
Cuéntame de qué lado de la cama mi ausencia se vuelve un abismo, en qué rincón de tu casa los recuerdos son un campo minado, en cuál cicatriz del corazón te duele más el olvido.  Cuéntame.

Sanddy García