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[My Lovely Girl] InfinitePower/MHDR - 1/3 

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SBS My Lovely Girl - Infinite Power Showcase

Super idol chart show
  • Super idol chart show
  • Heechul, Sungjong

Heechul conversation with Sungjong

HC:The one beside there, our castle bell? [sung means castle and jong means bell]
SJ: Yes hyung, I'm here
HC: Oo you know that hyung love Infinite right, castle bell?
SJ: Yes, I love you too
HC: Just now I'm listening to Sungjong's song that just came out
SJ: Oh, thank you. Back!
HC: Be Mine
SJ: /mental breakdown/
Infinite Live Performances - Special Stage

Music Show Newton - Candy
Music Show Newton - Wild Eyes 
Music Bank - Come Back Again (& Clap Teen Top)
M!Countdown - Tell Me & Gee

Music Bank - Ft. in Shy Boy - Secret  
Music Bank - Picture Perfect
Music Bank - T.O.P. (Special Stage)
KPop Concert Couple (w/ Kara)
M!Countdown - Dongwoo Hoya Dance Battle
Inkigayo - Foolin’ Around & Freeze
Dance Grand Prix - Magic Girl
Infinite & Teen Top - Happiness
tar Dance Battle - Baby & Like a G6
Special Christmas Stage with Teen Top

Music Bank - The Chaser + To You (with Teen Top)
MNET MCountdown - Look At Her Go
Music Bank - Heaven – Ailee feat. INFINITE H  
Second Invasion - Trouble Maker (Sungyeol & Sungjong)
Second Inavsion - I Temporarily Lived By Your Side (Myungsoo feat Sungjong)
Second Invasion - Because (Sungkyu)
Second Invasion - Time (Woohyun)
Second Invasion - You Look Good (Dongwoo & Hoya)
Second Invasion Evolution - Coming of Age Ceremony (Sungjong)
Second Invasion Evolution - O (Hoya)
Second Invasion Evolution - Sexy Back (Sungyeol feat Hoya)
Second Invasion Evolution - Because (Dongwoo)
Second Invasion Evolution - Couple (Woohyun)
Second Invasion Evolution - Only Tears (Sungkyu)
Second Invasion Evolution - Love Time (Myungsoo)
That Summer 2012 - Lately (White Confession) (Woohyun & Sungkyu) 
Music Bank - Infinite & Teen Top - The Chaser To You
Gayo Daejun - Deux - Nareul Dorabwa (Dongwoo & Hoya)

Gayo Daechukje - My Love & Be Mine


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140915 SBS My Lovely Girl Press Conference