This 1973 painting by Austrian author Otto Rapp depicts a frightening depiction of a decomposing human skull on a devilish birdcage in which the raw gore of mans physical being lies lifeless at the base.

Source: List25

You’re the one who gets to leave me, I’m the one who gets to stay and be reminded by everything. I’m the one constantly aching, I’m the one who loses, and I’ll spend tonight pretending that I’m fine and that this doesn’t hurt as much as I’d think, but I’ll get through this just like I have before.

You shall be missed, in fact I am missing you already.

See you on our next adventure.

I’m eating slices of my cookie cake wondering why the hell people are being so rude about myherotaylor like yeah she got good grades yeah she’s in middle school believe it or not some people do struggle with learning things especially if they are new concepts which things are a lot in middle school or they were for me anyways and getting good grades is difficult for some people and content is harder as you get older but you also gain skills to deal with that increase so back off. Seriously. 

Sanatorium episodes are some of my favourite episodes of GA tbh. Most of my historical studies focus on the first and second World Wars, but I also have a guilty pleasure for learning about the evolution of medicine, especially where asylums and mental health are involved. *sorry for the nerd moment*

Also, that old couple are everything. I wanna hug them both they’re so cute omfg

This torture device consisted of a metal piece with two opposed bi-pronged forks attached to a belt or strap. One end of the device was pushed under the chin, the other to the sternum, and the strap was used to secure the victim’s neck to the tool while the victim hung from the ceiling or was somehow suspended so that they could not sleep. If their heads dropped, the prongs would pierce their throat and chest.

Other torture methods: Brazen Bull, Death by Sawing, Impalement

Source: List25