Zombie Apocalypse Survivors as The Signs
  • Aries:The one who runs in first and gets eaten while taking out as many as they can.
  • Taurus:The one who sits in the upstairs window sill waiting for something/someone to bust through their front door to start some shit.
  • Gemini:The natural escapists who by hook or by crook probably live till the very end, or get killed by old friends who lived and didn't actually get eaten.
  • Cancer:The one who either lives till the end with the one they love, or dies because the one they love got injured and then stays behind with them.
  • Leo:The natural leaders, the ones who always take charge then either takes their group all the way to the extraction point, one by one their entire group gets killed off or eaten, or they get murdered in their sleep by group members they pissed off.
  • Virgo:Kills you. Also Leo's best friend. Always up for any kind of ostracization.<br/>Favorite words; execution, torture, revenge.
  • Libra:Jack of all traits; knows how to tie a knot, can fish, cook, hunt, start a fire, make a shelter; survival specialist, can use a gun, but is always somehow one of the first to go.
  • Scorpio:<b>Hahh.</b> Hahahh. HahHaHhAHAH<b>AHAHAHAHH!!</b>
  • Our time has finally come<br/><b>((:</b> Kill everyone. <b>:))</b><br/><b>((: Kill. Everyone. :))</b>
  • Sagitarrius:<b>Sniper!!!</b>
  • Combat Specialist. Hardcore Ghost Recon mother fucker right here man.
  • Capricorn:Probably that person who got injured an' Cancer decided to die with you, and even-though internally you find that sweet <b>as fuck</b>; SON OF A BITCH, you <b>really</b> didn't want them to have to die too, especially since you're the one who literally stabbed that guy in the back (then he got eaten because of it too) and his wife shot you in the knee caps.
  • Aquarius:Colonel Azêmøv Kapêršky øf Dê Šø^îêt Ünîøn; grâß dakumpaängdé whølê wørld, ân-Dî ønlëZ Šâvîør Vrøm ÜdeaZê.
  • Pisces:Covered in pork chops, goat blood, and sausage links; tied to a lamp post with rope in the center of a college,<br/>and then used as bate. Bait.<br/>Bate bait bate bate, bait bate zombie bait.

something I’m tired of hearing: “you’re mostly straight tho.” like. no. I could be attracted to kitchen utensils the fuck do you know maybe I just don’t meet a lot of spatulas. fuck off I don’t remember inviting you to my sexual preference party.

Alberto Nisman, a Jewish argentinan special prosecutor who was investigating the 1994 bombing of the Argentine-Israeli mutual which killed hundreds of people ( it was a Jewish community center) had accused the government of making deals to avoid responsibility and blame, and he was making links with Iran and possibly Hezbollah was found dead in his apartment last night with .22 cal bulletwounds, ending his investigation.

Leer de música.

Recuerdo que de enano empecé a aficionarme a leer las reseñas culturales que se hacían en los periódicos, sobre todo cuando podía corroborar con mis propios ojos u oídos lo que se decía acerca de tal o cual libro, disco o película. En mi casa mi padre compraba El País, el Diario 16 (por insistencia mía) y el As, claro. Me hacían tan feliz esas reseñas en los periódicos y en las revistas de los…

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You are not even able to speak Arabic, he told us… “You are savages. How will I ever manage to civilize you when I have to start from scratch?’

His words made us go cold and we suddenly felt lower than earthworms…. Only a few days after classes had started he smiled and seemed to have found a solution to our problems. “Come what may,” he declared, “from now on I forbid you to speak even one word of Berber, either among yourselves or with your families….”

We Berber children greeted his lofty decision with the frozen silence he loved so much, with our heads bent, hands folded, eyes red and bright with sadness and humiliation.

I was already considering how I was going to tell my parents who were unable to understand the teacher’s language. Should my parents see me suddenly deny the patrimony of my ancestors and my mother tongue? It would be far better to disappear along with that language.

Oussaid, Amazigh writer, relaying a conversation with his primary school teacher in his book, Mountains Forgotten By God