I’m sure that some people believe that being a dick comes with the territory. It’s just that you can get a bit consumed by the job, which can tip over into self-indulgence. You’ve got to remember that we’re not saving lives-it’s just entertainment, Actors can forget that sometimes amid all the ego-massaging. I’m aware of that and it’s something I’ve always fought against

New behind-the-scenes photo of Aidan Turner from Article Magazine’s (@TheArticleMag) photo shoot for their forthcoming AT Deluxe Edition. Their previous Aidan Turner Special Edition was gorgeous and I’m expecting their new mag to be just as handsome - with new pics of Aidan how could it not be.

The mag is available for pre-sales at: http://www.article-magazine.com/  They will start shipping at the end of March.


List of favorite people: (2 / ∞) - Aidan Turner

“I was really into films when I was younger but I feel like a bit of a phony sometimes - I started acting because I didn’t know what else to do. I filled in all these university application forms and honestly didn’t want to do any of the courses. I spontaneously signed up to a part-time acting class at the same time. Then I did a full-time course, then went to drama school. When I started there I realized it’s what I wanted to do. Being around committed people was very inspiring.”