Maybe one day we’ll meet again, when we’re different people. Maybe one day we’ll see each other in the most unexpected time, when we’re both alone. Maybe one day day we’ll start again like there’s nothing happened in the past. Maybe then we’ll be better for each other.

20 facts

  1. I don’t like people a lot. I mean i love their company and being with them, laughing and all that but I like being alone. Gives me time to think. Most of you may not like thinking but I do. Not too much though. It’ll drive me insane. 
  2. Time is gold for me. I may be an expert in multitasking but I read from an article that it’s wrong. So avoid it if you still can. I’m trying.
  3. I don’t have much tumblr friends. Just a handful ones but they’re my friends until now. I don’t befriend to much here for I’m afraid that i might not get to talk to them consistently and the friendship will just *poof*.
  4. I think i’m have a mild OCD. Hahaha. Like, i want things organized and neat. I can’t work if thing’s aren’t. I like things planned ahead. It’s so seldom i do them spontaneously. 
  5. I like sending Mom sweet messages, getting misty-eyed when i’m writing them, ever since I was young and then crying instantly whenever she replies or i see her reaction. The best thing in the world more than potato fries!!!
  6. Being everyone’s baby makes me feel special. And to pay back all the people who’s always been there for me, i never leave them. I’m always just a message or call away even at 3 am. 
  7. People say i’m scary when i’m mad. Wrath hahaha. Don’t worry it’s seldom.
  8. I want be skinny but I eat a lot. I love food trips.
  9. I’m an adventurous person and i love trying new things. Safe new things.
  10. I love little children. I love hearing their giggles and their innocent souls. 
  11. I envy people who have their grandparents with them. I wish i had the chance too. 
  12. I want to be a model and excel in the field of photography too.
  13. Speaking > Writing.
  14. I’m not really your fashionable teenager. Er. I wear what i get first on my closet.
  15. I only had one pimple since the start of my existence. It was at the center of my nose and it hurts a lot. Never again please. :(
  16. I think i look better at home compared to how I look at school. Haggardness at its best.
  17. I’m planning to work at GMA-7, write for Candy magazine, teach special kids, and take my master’s degree at Ateneo or abroad. Praying these all would turn into reality soon. 
  18. I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t think i need one.
  19. But i have a crush and his name is Zeke. He’s good-looking, intelligent and he’s got the voice of a manly DJ. HE’S MINE OKAY.
  20. I’m truly happy whenever someone says thank you to me, smiles at me, hugs me, asks for my opinion and i inspire someone. You know that feeling that you’re actually someone to somebody even in a non-romantic way. Feels good, right? 

Thank you Lola ohcamown for tagging me. *ding dong* love you ♥ =)) For those who are tagged, you need to post 20 facts about you too.

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anonymous said:

It's okay hon, you can whine as much as you want, 'cause it's your blog and you should do whatever you want to make yourself feel better! I hope you are feeling better soon!

I really don’t feel better by whining anymore I feel horrible about being so negative honestly so I should stop. I just feel like I have nothing else to talk about because everything in my life is literally just work>coffee>exhaustion>work>maybe friends visiting me at work>overtime at work>coworkers I like>hopefully some sleep>xiumin updates>back to work rn so you know… I don’t really feel like a very interesting person haha… I just want to talk to my friends here too but when I finally have time I just feel like I’ll give too negative replies and I hate that. //groans// I feel so detached from everything and everyone I love and care about it’s, pretty disheartening… 


But I’m off to visit my bff this weekend so I hope that’ll cheer me up !!