i hope this is alright!! i got individual requests for a few of the scavengers (aerodynamicmilkshake and linspoppa for misfire, aerodynamicmilkshake for spinister, and my boyfriend wanted a fulcrum set) but there weren’t enough panels for sets of each of them, so i combined them all together into one big scavengers set. :3

there aren’t enough pics of ambulon to do a whole set of him… :(

like i have 9 total panels, which is like obviously enough to make 9 tiles, but not with the gif in the middle and auuugh

should i just make a static set without the gif or idk what?

kjfkjsd and i really wanted to post 3 photosets in a row tonight wahhh i’m sorry

requests are open again~

kind of? halfway. let’s say that.

i got a bunch of the current requests done so i have enough room to start actually taking requests again! perceptor’s photoset will be the last one that i do until after tuesday when my hellish japanese final will be over. but here’s what the list looks like so far!

► rotorstorm
► red alert
► pharma
► impactor
► sixshot

those were all requested before i closed requests so they take priority. after them:

► misfire
► spinister
► blurr
► metalhawk
► ambulon
► soundwave
► shockwave

so, 12 total. they’ll take time, so please bear with me through finals week and the holidays! after mtmte #12 comes out i should be able to finish tarn’s photoset as well. :3

requests for 9xtf are closed now (i still have and am working on the last three and i will post them sometime soon when they’re all done though) because new layout and still no html page fix and the weird photoset formatting thing

requests are now CLOSED

i have 20 gifsets on the waiting list and 20 is my limit, so until i cut it down to about half, requests will be closed. you can leave me messages with requests if you want but i won’t be publishing them or adding them to my list until i’ve done at least 10!

but thank you all for the requests so far, they are REALLY fun to make! :3c