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A *game* I am playing with a fellow graphic designer, requires us to post 9 images in a 9 grid. They can relate, be completely random or be duplicated to create *pretty* pictures. So far we have created 83 and 15 containing videos. It’s a simple way to create fun pieces of design and produce creativity (sometimes inspiration!)

I am enjoying it a lot, as I love taking pictures!

9 GRID : Baguio Trip 2014

*so i’ve decided to add a new section of my blog amd decided it tp call 9 Grid. I’ll be posting 9 photos put into 1 collage and talk about them. I think that this will be easier to maintain since i will not be flooding other people’s timeline with many photos*

○ This is the first time that my siblings amd I went to an out of town trip without our parents. This trip was financed by our super generous Tita Susan & Tito marlon.

○ Waking up in a fog engulfed surroundings is magical.

○My youngest borther and cousins posing as native Igorots

○ We stayed at the Girl Scout of the Philippines HQs which offers transient rooms. The view here is superb and offers so many photo ops. Plus they have hot showers & free WiFi

○ Feeling blogger poker face shot

○ The mountains on the way are so steep but still breathetaking

○ Colorful native headgears (I wanted to have a photo with these but I didn’t have change to pay for their use)

○ One thing you’ll appreciate in Baguio are those beautiful flowers

○ Boating in Burnham park (really scary if it’s your first time to ride a boat and paddling is soooo difficult)

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9 Grid - Pangasinan Trip 2014

It is my first time ever to go out of town with college friends. For the past five years, i’ve been with almost five sections and countless out of town trips have been set up but I never went with them because i’m pretty sure that my parents will not allow me to go (they’re the strict kind) and if I can’t tell them then I won’t have the budget to go. Anyway, for this particular trip, my parents allowed me to go since it was for a legitimate reason : We are going to visit Our Lady of Manaoag to petition our upcoming board exams. My father even gave me money for this trip even though I didn’t ask for it. (Thank you pops)

○ It took us 3 hours to travel from the Metro to Manaoag, Pangasinan. We were an hour early for the 11 am mass, so we used that time to buy candles and have our board exam things to get blessed. We then went and attended the mass. There was also a novena to St. Martin de Porres wherr they distributed blessed bread to be given to the sick, in hopes that it will help them in their daily battle with their ailments.

○ The parish has a store where you can buy differrent candles to offer. There were fancy candles, floating candles, vigil and year round wish candles. We bought the petition candles (the one with different colors, one color for one kind of petition).

○ After celebrating the mass, we went outside and some of us bought rosaries and other different souvenirs. We also drop by a seller of ‘tupig’ and bought lots of it. (Actually i’m so proud of my other friends for buying it after i made them try it for the first time in their life, haha). It was really delicious especially since it was freshly cooked (grilled/smoked(?)).

○ We then went around town and stopped to ask for directions to San Fabian beach (some friends told us that it’s nearest beach in Manaoag). The good locals directed us efficiently so we reached the beach in just 30 to 45 minutes.

○ We rented a cottage for only 500 pesos. The cottage was spacious enough for the 15 of us, there were a few bamboo tables and benches for us to lunge around. There was also a videoke machine we can rent for abother 500 pesos but we chose not to rent it. Our cottage neighbors are already singing old songs and that was enough for us.

○ We ate lunch at a nearby carinderia, and I don’t really know if we were just really hungry of if there food was that really good. Anyway, we had beef steak, beef afritada, pork sisig and some even had bulalo. We ate fast (we were really hungry, we didn’t have any breakfast except for one toasted siopao each on the way ) and topped our lunch with ice cold soft drinks. Our lunch was surprisingly cheap and we were thankful to the owners since they catered to almost all of our demands (ate penge po ng madaming ice, ate kutsara pa po, kuya baso pa po, kuya isa pa paong coke yung nagyeyelo).

○ We went back to our cottage and some had their siestas, some had their photoshoots, and the rest of us joked around. After a while, we chipped in for some drinks. We had some Tanduay ice, san miguel beer and even red horse. I felt really grown-up that time because there we were, drinking in the middle of the day at the beach. Sorry, but coming from a strict family wherein your parents almost never drink, it felt liberating and fun! Haha I had one Tanduay Ice and also had my first beer! It’s the San Miguel apple flavor beer. It wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, it tasted like Cali. But me, it’s still beer. Bleh

○ Now here comes the fun part. After drinking, we went swimming at the beach. What’s funny is that when we were palnning this trip a few days ago, many were against swimming and thos who wanted to swim were taunted. But then, when some of us were already in the water, almost all of the others also joined. The others who didn’t took a dip were our photographers. The sun was not that harsh anymore since we waited for a few hours before going in the water and we had lots of fun splashing each other. I really enjoyed swimming since the water’s not that deep amd I was really hyper that time, keeps yelling to my friend, Russell “picture! Picture!” in my childish voice, probably the effect of what i drunk earlier. Hahaha

○ After a few hours in the water, and after hundreds of photos, we got out and had the most hassle part of swimming in the beach—rinsing. We paid 10 pesos in a nearby place to use their showers and bought shampoos and soaps. More than half of us were not really prepared for the swimming part so we ended up sharing the shampoos, soaps, towels amd even clothes! After taking a bath, we started for home at around 6:30 pm.

I can say that the travel time going back took a lot longer than when we were going to Pangasinan. We, the people on the back whiled away our time exchanging life stories and laughing our ass off at each other’s banats while the others slept. For my first ever out of town trip, I can say that this one is absolutely a blast. Being the “newest” in this group (they were all classmates in 3rd year, while i tramsferred to their section in my 4th year amd even then i rarely interavted with them) I really felt that i’m part of the group and that finally, I now have people to call my own “college barkada”.

I really can’t wait for the next time!