Hopi Hon or Bear Kachina Doll Carving by Artist Brendan Kayquoptewa

Kachina is approximately 11-1/2” tall including a 1-1/4” base, and is 4” wide at widest points. 

Outstanding artistry seen throughout this carving. 

The Bear or Hon Kachina is a great legendary warrior. He possesses strength that is so great, that it is believed that he could cure the sick. There are a number of different kinds of Bear Kachinas. They are distinguished by color, such as Blue, White, Yellow, and Black Bear Kachinas. The bear dances as a watchman or side dancer during the Soyal Dance on First Mesa, and he sings while dancing outside the lines during the Mixed Dance.

Brendan Kayquoptewa is an extremely talented carver. He began carving in the mid to late 1980’s. Brendan was taught the art of carving by his late father Robert, Brendan also learned from his brother Sam. They often carve together and learn from each other! Brendan was born in Keams Canyon which is located on the Hopi Reservation in northern Arizona.