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That was a horrible gift

Because it was too small? Well I spent a lot of my money on pre-ordering omega ruby for him + the expensive bacon and extra details that came with the bacon flowers (fake flowers, tissue paper, green tape, etc) so I didn’t really have the funds to get him anything bigger. The chespin looked like a decent size when it first arrived since my hands are small but seeing them in my boyfriend’s giant hands it looks tiny as hell. The chespin was meant to a small extra gift so he would have more than one gift he could open.

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i think i started losing interest around the 3rd or 4th season? like its been a while but i remember the plot becoming pretty convoluted. all the stuff before that is super good tho

yeah, i’ve heard a lot of people say that you should stop before season 3 but i’m in it to win it. or at least i’m in it until “claire that’s disgusting” and we’ll see how i’m feeling from there


The Hobbit: AUJ filmmakers’ commentary:

Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens share some interesting facts about the movie

  • In case some didn’t know, the dwarf next to Thorin is Peter Jackson
  • The claw in Frodo’s hands ended up being too small to be Smaug’s (but we can still pretend it is)
  • The part about Glamdring not glowing was also because it didn’t glow in LOTR

all Rae/Finn kisses (from season 2)

anyway here’s wonderwall the last one: