i’m prettier than she is and that’s the only thing keeping me okay. it’s shallow as hell but you were the one who taught me how to hate myself, little words sinking into my hips and stomach and lips, ‘baby what’s wrong with you why won’t you change for me i love you i love you i love you ilove yo u ilove you iloveyou’. now that i’ve stopped hearing your voice in my head every time i stare in the mirror i’ve started to appreciate the angles of my body, sharp little bones sticking out, ready to cut the next person who tries to doubt the resilience of my ever aching skeleton. it’s exhausting trying to hold up the weight of sixteen years worth of heartbreak and unshed tears but i’ve survived so far. i’ll be okay i think. maybe.
—  i’m learning to love myself and you’re learning to love her

I tried to hide it between the other Goodwill coats until we could come back with cash, but we were too late!! Someone found it and bought it first. >80

It looked like something out of the original Sailor Moon anime. I wish I could find another one, but alas, it looked vintage from the 80’s.

But if anyone here is a fashion person knows what this kind of jacket is called, who designed it or where I can get one, I’ll love you 5ever

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"Heard her name is LGBT,
Don’t take out your misery on my
On me, on me
I’m happy, I’m happy
And free, and free
I’m happy, I’m happy
And free