Memepool update: Generation 9785
  • Population: 20
  • Mean fitness: 28774
  • Fittest genome: [‘lol’] (261754)
  • Least fit genome: [‘washingtonirving’, ‘sleepyhollow’, ‘cemetery’, ‘bestbirthdayever’] (1)
  • Unique alleles in population: 26
  • Contributors to memepool: 20
  • Set of unique alleles: [‘ifollowback’, ‘the secret’, ‘jaden smith’, ‘fff’, ‘observational’, ‘funny’, ‘follow me’, ‘followforfollow’, ‘cemetery’, ‘followingbackall’, ‘lol’, ‘witty’, ‘following back all’, ‘i follow back’, ‘followingback’, ‘comedy’, ‘followme’, ‘washingtonirving’, ‘followback’, ‘f4f’, ‘follow for follow’, ‘willow smith’, ‘following back’, ‘sleepyhollow’, ‘bestbirthdayever’, ‘hahaha’]

I just had a huge sweet sixteen party. I was really upset that my best friend Corey couldn’t make it from virginia beach to attend my party. I had worked so hard on it and I wanted to share it with him. We decided to skype in front of over 130 people at the party just to feel like he was there. When the call was over his cousin gave me a box of sand from the beach and a note from him. I opened the note and it said, “Turn around” and guess who was there. He drove 11 hours just to come to my party. I thank God that I have such an amazing best friend.