AGATT = All Gear All The Time. I don’t fuck around when I say I’m a stickler when it comes to AGATT. ALL THE TIME MEANS ALL THE TIME. Yup, even when cooking orange chicken guys. Got bored and there wasn’t anything to do while being snowed in so I put this together real quick. Enjoy haha :D

You guys are fucking awesome! I got home last night after being away for an entire day of riding to find over 100 notes on one of my personal posts. I mean I know that’s not anything compared to people getting over tens of thousands of likes and reblogs, but it sure feels like it :D Here’s a shot of the start of the day yesterday; weather was AMAZING and my brothers and I went for a ride and just hang out since I don’t see them that often anymore. I got a lot pictures and some ride footage that hopefully turned out nice, so stay tuned.

@Sex.Food.Bikes.etc. again haha.

If motorcycles could have a three way, this is what it would look like. This past summer I worked odd jobs with my stepbrothers. We would ride to and from work since the job site was a good hour or so away. I don’t know about anyone else, but I HATE driving even if it’s a few miles to the store, so I find every excuse to ride possible. During lunch time this one day we got bored and positioned our bikes such that they were tossing each others salads. Sex? Check. Food? Check (hey, it was lunch time :P). Bikes? Fucking check. You can probably tell I am an avid follower of Sex.Food.Bikes.etc. haha.