Ozzie's Out!

Trading: Ozzie the lazy Koala
Looking for: Yuka, Deirdre, Erik, Teddy, Bluebear, Maple
Move date: In boxes right now! 5/10/15 EST
Additional info: primarily looking for villagers because I’ll be down to 8! But I’ll also look at bell/item offers (wish list: http://moridb.com/catalogs/97ZPKZMZ64) ALSO! I TT so I’d really like him to be picked up ASAP so I can continue on with my game!
tumblr URL: pinkgrizzlybears.tumblr.com/ask OR rainybears.tumblr.com/ask
Mayor Name/Town Name: Evanora/Ursaglen
FC: 0576-4106-9439

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U.S. Attorney In Tsarnaev Case: This Was Not A Crime Of Religion, Does Not Reflect True Muslim Believes #rt #o4a #Muslimreligion


CJ @ Newsdesk
May 15th, 2015
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