Does it feel like election day is still ages away? It’s not; in fact, early voting began for half of the country this week. And for half of the country, if you’re not yet registered in just two weeks, you’ll lose the chance to vote entirely. That’s what happened to 6 million Americans in 2008; this year, we’re participating in National Voter Registration Day to help make sure you’re not left out.

If you’re in the US, you should see the button above on your Dashboard; click it to register through our friends at Our Time. No matter how you feel about politics, remember that your vote has the power to make a difference for at least one critical candidate or ballot measure on your ticket. If you don’t participate in the voting booth, you allow others to make important decisions for you.

Need some inspiration? Check out this gorgeous GIF campaign from MTV’s Power of 12, a new video from the cast of Workaholics, and a gallery of voting-inclined celebs at HyperVocal.

For more info, follow National Voter Registration Day on Tumblr, or track the tag #925NVRD. You can register in person at an NVRD meetup happening near you, or phone in any questions to the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

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Next Tuesday, September 25, is National Voter Registration Day 

In 2008, 6 million Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register. In 2012, resources to educate and mobilize voters have dwindled, fueling worries that many folks - especially young people - won’t turn out.

We want to make sure no one is left out, so we’ve partnered with volunteers, celebrities, and organizations from all over the country who are hitting the streets on September 25.

If you’re not registered, or need to renew your registration, check out www.tumblr.com/meetups to find an event near you.

If you’re already registered - or if there’s no event near you - organize your own NVRD meetup at www.tumblr.com/meetups/organize. We’ll send you everything you need!

For more info, follow NVRD on Tumblr and look for the tag 925NVRD.


Today is National Voters Registration Day. Here is a video from Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship explaining why you should vote this November. Click HERE to register to vote now!

Today is National Voter Registration Day. Decisions made at the local, state, and federal level impact your community and health, from funding for community health centers to legislation like the Affordable Care Act. In Massachusetts, not only will we be voting for the next President of the United States, voters will also be considering two important health-related questions on medical marijuana and physician-assisted suicide.

Are you registered to vote for your health?


National Voter Registration Day is today! 

Make sure you register to vote today! 

Become a DREAM VOTER!