sirxlsj said:

[//puts a birthday hat on you and throws confetti and has a cake ready to smash you with it and grins] Happy Birthday Myungsoo-hyung.

I’m… glad you didn’t forget. (/smiles) Thank you, Sungjongie! Would you mind putting that cake down— (/adjusts the birthday hat on his head, then motioning to the cake)

Even though he has stayed in the academy only a little over two months now, Myungsoo decides it was a better idea to spend the night at Bansin. Myungsoo lets out a small sigh as he leaves the room—somehow the impression of the campus, still and quiet, doesn’t go well with the currently temperamental birthday boy. He doesn’t change plans upon the sudden notice of ambience though, because looking back, his friends in Seoul would be too unreachable to spend the day with him. More than half of his birthdays went absolutely unceremonious, or not even celebrated at all. Some of it went unnoticed. To the male demigod, it was just a simple matter of getting used to it.

Instead of alcoholic beverages and the roar of car engines, he’s facing a sticky note on top of dark chocolate cupcakes and empty picture frames with skulls and race car patterns. "Get your ass back in here as soon as possible, hm?" with a stupid smirk on his face, he mouths the rest of it. Happy 22nd Birthday, motherfucker. Signed, Deranged.