S10 Ep08 Hibbing 911

Jody Mills and Donna (Briana Buckmaster) return and cross paths. When Jody reluctantly attends a mandatory sheriff’s retreat, she is partnered with the overeager Donna, who wants to bond. Just as Jody thinks things can’t get any worse, a body with just strings of meat and skin hanging off the bones (paints quite the picture, doesn’t it?) is found. The local sheriffs blame an animal attack, but after everything she has seen, Jody knows better and calls in the professionals: Sam and Dean.

Why Korrasami is a Queer Issue

Warning: Qu—r slur used a few times. Written by someone who is a homoromantic asexual and non-binary girl. This is Anti-Makorra, and Anti-Mako. If I did bash, I did not intend to do so.

I see a lot of people claiming that Korrasami is not and can not be a queer issue, and getting queasy whenever a Korrasami shipper calls out someone on their homophobia. It’s actually very easy to avoid being homophobic with Korrasami, but I must point out that Korrasami and Makorra do not stand on the same ground of importance, and it’s very easy to say or do something homophobic if you see these two as just ships.

What does Korrasami have that almost every other ship in this series doesn’t have? It’s two girls. This changes everything entirely.

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Supernatural 10x08 Promo - Hibbing 911

Supernatural 10x08 Promo - Hibbing 911 [HD]