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BOTTLE002 is a generic 900ml shampoo or conditioner bottle with the camera pointed at its centre. Cap and bottle color can be modified after the render and can also be made to have the design rendered directly on the bottle or on a plastic film wrapped around the bottle. The brightness of the bottle can also be adjusted to make it lighter or darker.

First Med Error (...well, almost)

I thought I made my first med error today. I had a patient getting 1/4 NS W/ 50meq bicarb… Except pharmacy makes that so it was 900ml water, a push of 23.4 NS added, plus the bicarb.

Cried the whole way home and called work twice- at first because I thought I killed the patient (23.4% is ridiculous) and then in relief that they were ok and I hadn’t made an error.

I double checked before I hung it but all of a sudden on my drive home I panicked.

It was a truly terrible night at work for all 5 of us.

Simple meal tonight. A nice miso soup. 900ml of vegetable broth, teaspoon soy sauce, two cloves of garlic, green onions, enoki mushrooms. Added some lemon grass (just hit it with the back of your knife to release the flavor. Don’t cut it up you are going to remove it anyways. ) also added some ginger. Sliced or if you have one of those little tea ball things you can use grated. You will remove this at the end as well. Also soft tofu. Cause miso soup. Lol

Bring to a boil and then remove from heat. Remove the lemon grass and ginger and discard them.

At this point you add your miso. I use a teaspoon (heaping heh) per 400ml or two cups. If you cook it WITH the miso in it you will lose a lot of flavor. I tend to press and stir it through a mesh to make sure its all mixed in!


First up tonight.. A black bean soup. A little different from my normal. NO BACON! *GASP* (bacon is an optional ofcourse.. just dice it up, crisp it up and add it at the end)

Start with diced onion, carrots and celery. Let them sweat out in your pot. Lil garlic and pepper as well to add some flavor. When sweated out some.. add about a teaspoon of cumin and a table spoon of chili powder (to your taste pref ofcourse)

At this point add two large cans of black beans (rinsed off) as well as two 900ml cartons of choice of broth (i recommend chicken or veggie) and half a cup (or so) of salsa. Bring this to a boil!

Let it simmer for about 10 minutes on medium low. Then taking atleast half off the soup and transfering it to a blender (do in batches cause its HOT.. be careful) If you have an immersion blender then awesome! Plunge that baby right in! We are looking to break up some of the beans to thicken the soup up a little bit.

After all is blended, return it to the pot, and remove from the heat. Add the juice of one lime. Optionally you can add your bacon here. I took some of those pickled jalapenos I mentioned in my previous post (whole bottle.. love em) diced it up and threw them all in (I also added some of the brine for alittle more acidity.. That stuff is PURE flavor.. dont throw it out!) .. along with some pan fried diced mushrooms for extra flavor. Again these are optional!

Serve straight up, or with a dollop of sour cream and some cilantro!

40g Cheerios
150ml semi skimmed milk

36.4g rocky road @myprotein whey
3.6g @myprotein creatine mono
300ml water

900ml water
25ml fruits of forest squash

Lemon & green tea

Bcaa, omega3, multi vitamin, chromium picolinate


Turmeric liqueur

I’ve been having success with using home distilled alcohol (no sulfites used in fermentation), the juices and extracts and essential oils of natural ingredients, and honey as a sweetener to make liqueurs.  As opposed to buying commercial premix flavours and glucose/sucrose syrup mixes.  So far absinthe, ginger liqueur and black sambuca have been big successes.

Last month I created what I consider my first original recipe, Turmeric Liqueur.  Thanks to Nancy Alfs for asking for the recipe, here you go:

This was my second batch, yield just short of 9 wine bottles (750 ml each)

1091 grams fresh turmeric root yielding 900ml fresh juice (using a single auger juicer— centrifugal juicer will be another story, one you will have to write yourself)

1200 ml honey (1700 grams)

3600 ml 50% alcohol (100 proof) (see below for 80 proof equivalents)

1000 ml water (filtered or spring or unchlorinated water)

===> if you are using 40% (80 proof) alcohol aka vodka then use 4500ml alcohol and 100 ml water.

Mix it altogether and bottle.

Notes: the pigment in turmeric is very strong— it will stain stainless still for a few washes, plastic for longer.  Enough of the juice will make a very sticky sappy residue on your juicer.  Clean well.  The solid remains from the juicing process make a good addition to soup or other cooking.  The amount of residue from this batch size should be good for 6 gallons soup.  Put it in the freezer…  You will want to let this sit for at least a month to let the flavours meld.  I have only tasted it at one month at this point so cannot report on the effects of further aging, but the alcohol and honey will act as an excellent preservative so it should keep for a couple of years at least.  Honey is much easier to mix if it is liquid and reasonably warm rather than creamed or crystalized.  Don’t overheat or microwave the honey though, you will destroy some of its special properties.  A bowl of warm water and patience is good.  This goes for the other ingredients— room temperature water and alcohol, not from the freezer.

I came up with this idea and recipe myself, but a quick internet search reveals other people have also been clever…


tonight i’m reminded that going through old tumblr posts is always never a let down. 900ml.tumblr.com has documented creative endeavors i would never believe i was capable of; beauty; pain; frustration; anticipation; travel; excitement; goals; personal beliefs; sorrow; sunsets [sooooo many sunsents]; love; friendship; home; passion; and the best damn tunes you’ll ever hear…

i have never participated in frequent (or consistent) journaling, even if i always wanted to, but damn well believe it’s worth it to have some of this shit documented. i’m not eloquent with words, and probably never will be, which is perhaps why tumblr has always been my preferred method of blogging. there is always an easy way to express yourself when you want to, not restricted to word count only. i regret that in the past i’ve deleted posts in effort to clean it up; to depersonalize and censor myself depending on the timing or on the audience (sometimes the internet just probably shouldn’t know things). i will work on that though.

i don’t know what this post was about. maybe just for posterity. something to look back on again in 6 years and reflect on where i was, where i’ve been, and where i’m at. *shrug* but, hah, i guess if i take away any one small thing from tonight, i think it’s safe to say i think moved past my intense hatred of seattle (circa 2009 - i was angry, it rained a lot, sue me.) so that’s alright. alright. alright. we’ll see what i think in another 6 years.