okay guys i’m getting close to 8k so i thought i would do a promo 
rules are
must be following (me)
reblogs only likes do not count 
catergories will be:
best urls, best band blogs, most attractive male, most attractive female and then my favourite blogs 
i wont do the promo till i get the amount of followers i need and i’m looking for more blogs to follow


ok so i dont know how i havent done this before and i said i would do one when i hit 8k and im kinda late for it but here it is at last and i brought friends hehehe

  • mbf 
  • reblog this (likes allowed but dont count as entries)
  • we will check everyones blog
  • you have until tuesday (sept. 2) to participate which is technically already september but shh
  • well pick about 5 or 6 blogs to make a poll
  • the winner will have a link on our blogs until october 1st
  • probably a follow from us

ok good luck!!

Promos because I hit 1.8k!

So I’m super excited bc i hit my next hundred and i just want to thank everyone that follows me

  • reblog this
  • mbf me
  • Ends at 25 (or more if i end up with a lot of reblogs)
  • 5 lists of 5 promos
  • I’ll check out your blog and possibly follow you back if I don’t already :)
  • also, enter my september botm (optional)

Thank you to all of you ily <3


I’m happy to have received so many followers, I didn’t think I could make it this far! I’m sorry I haven’t been so active, but my queue will go on until I get a break. It’s my senior year, so I’m going to be focused more in school. I wish I had more time to be on. Until then, thank you everyone for helping me make it to 8k+! 


You Were Standing There (MARVEL: Steve/Bucky)


Author: thebrotherswinchester

Rating: R

Length: 14.8k


Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers.


A delightful fluffy AU with all kinds of domestic mixed in with the aftermath of war for everybody. Sam and Natasha are both wonderful, and Nat’s cat was a nice touch. There is so much cheese here, but if you need a happy, bright, normal!verse fic, this is a good one.

anonymous said:

how many followers do u usually gain in a day????!??!?!

i usually get 100 every 2 days.

sometimes 200 in a day


here, ive kept track of the days since the day i hit 1k:

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grievousgrimalkin said:

I'd like to ask a small favor. Several good friends of mine are trying to get the word out about a new project they have. It's called Gamephobias, and the goal is to create a compendium of trigger warnings for video games, to make gaming safer for people with phobias, PTSD, etc. If you'd be up to it or interested in signal boosting, they've got a tumblr (url is gamephobias) with some rebloggable info posts. No matter what you do with this information, thanks, and congrats on 8k follows!


And I’m not sure what I can do other than publish this ask but video games already come with warnings for their content?

Unless you mean more specific phobias and triggers.