i was tagged by bvlletsmikey and quest-ce-que-way for the six selfie thing!! Now i don’t actually have six selfies ‘cause i don’t like taking them so i’ll do a five selfie thing instead!!

I know nearly everyone has done this but i’ll tag some people just in case!! jinglebelljosh jinglebellways byestille stockingway maygerardneverstopyou gerardsleighed americanpsychoho !!! If any of you haven’t done it!!

basic html lesson

ok so i am here to teach u html (from what i know anyway)

<h1>text here</h1> this makes ur text go rly big and headliner-y (the bigger number u substitute the 1 with the smaller the text)

like this

<strong>text here</strong> this makes ur text go bold like this

<i>text here</i> this makes ur text go italic like this

<p>text here</p> this signifies the start and end of a paragraph (like a line break)

<a href=”link here”>text here</a> this is how to insert a link like this

<img src=”image link”> this is how to insert an image

thats like the basics i hope u enjoy 

EDIT: the h1 tag worked in the preview idk what happened