this is a network for people who appreciate josh dun!! so if u think josh dun is a ray of sunshine, this is the network for you!

☁ Rules ☁
  • mbf Me and Alex
  • fill out this survey
  • reblog this post
  • track the #joshdunnet tag (for updates)
  • that it B)
☁ Perks ☁
  • new nerd friends 2 talk 2
  • selfie reblogs
  • games and chats and stuff!!
  • we will talk about how important josh dun is (the greatest perk of all)
☁ If you're accepted ☁
  • follow all members
  • follow the network blog
  • track #joshdunnet

we will be choosing about 15-20 members (if this gets more notes maybe more!) 

Pharrell’s Hat by Yoshi Sodeoka 

To celebrate the best Memes of the year 15folds has teamed up with Buzzfeed’s Animation squad for a special end of year show.

We’ve asked artists whose work we love to submit GIFs in response to their favourite memes of 2014. Get ready for Kimmy K butts, Luigi death stares and Kanye riding dolphins…  Merry Meme-mas! See you in 2K15 !



Hey! Tori, Eliza, and I have set up this network for band losers. We just wanna meet new people and have fun and maybe have online pizza parties who knows?



  • must be following me, twentyonewhispers and lizhuks
  • must reblog this, likes won’t disqualify you
  • do this Survey
  • be hella cool
  • like music~
  • be able to kik/skype
  • follow the tag #bandnerdnet


What you’ll get:

  • cool new friends
  • support if you need
  • rad group chats
  • selfie reblogs
  • other cool stuff that you want


We will pick on the 1st of January, good luck