Bass/Guitar Collection - Maruyama 

A while back I posted a bass list for Maru and here I am re-doing it.  For one thing, we have more basses (and bonus guitars mwahaha). But also, when I did my initial post, my research was pretty lousy - I didn’t dig deep enough and there’s some incorrect information in it.  Basically, I spent more time looking at the wrong identifiers.

So, a much more accurate and updated list!

1) Fender - American Standard Jazz Bass (Black, Rosewood fingerboard)

Apologies to the person on tumblr who took this pic - I feel bad when I save things and don’t mark the name because then I can’t give credit.  Also, I would much prefer to use my own screencap than someone’s personal picture, but I could not find a single instance in my files where he played this.  I’m sure there is something, I just don’t have it.  In any case, this was on display at 8sai because it was his first bass ever.  Pretty basic.  (As a side note, there is actually yet another bass, but I only have a bad shop photo scan of it and it was pretty hard to make out - it basically only existed for one of the Dream Boys runs, not even the one I have access to as far as I know.  Given it was such an afterthought, I didn’t bother putting forth the effort.  So sorry, long lost bass no one cares about.)

2) Fender - American Deluxe Jazz Bass (Natural)

Ah, the long running standard, the bass we’ve all seen, even if we don’t pay attention to basses.  This has been the one Maru has played the most, the longest - he’s still playing it as evidenced in KavaKora though I don’t recall it coming out for Juke Box.  Still, nice to see it get so much use - it’s almost my de facto favorite because it’s just been around so long.

3) STR - LS-449 Bass (#32?)

Okay, here’s where my research failed last time.  STR is a Japanese guitar company, but unlike a giant established company (say, Fender), STR has only been around since 2006 and the guitars are made mostly by one crafter.  And they’re all basically unique, hence each guitar getting numbered as it’s built.  I am fairly certain Maru has #32, which means he got it fairly early in the company’s existence.  I’ll never have real confirmation of this since the numbers on the guitar are very small and in places like the bottom of the fingerboard - and as much as I would love a really intimate look at instruments, I am in the vast minority so extreme close ups of specs are not CD extras.  Still, if he doesn’t have 32, 32 looks exactly like his - down to the marks on the top and bottom of the body (the “ears”).  Poke around, other 449 basses have that finish but not those marks.  Besides, given that Maru used the STR for the 47 tour, he would have had to have purchased it prior to Spring ‘07 start date, which means being crafted in 06 makes sense.  Point being, it’s pretty given no one else in the world has that STR but Maru…unless he got rid of it because I haven’t seen it since Puzzle.  Curious, since it has a nice quality sound to it (not as…sharp? as the Fenders, but that’s an untrained opinion [texture, not intonation]).

4) Fender - American Precision Bass (antique, 60’s) (3 Color Sunburst)

Antique is Maru’s words, not mine.  I’m inclined to believe him as some of the things on this bass are hallmark of the 60’s precisions from Fender.  It has the bottom finger rest which was such a 60’s thing and not common to 70’s models at all.  (But of course, anyone could have gotten a custom or a later model and just beat the hell out of it.)  More importantly on really good shop photos of this bass, you can see the telltale holes by the bridges indicating that someone removed bridge covers, which were also very 60’s.  It is, at least to me, an old guitar.  I would love to know who used to own it because I’m a nerd like that.  (It so rarely comes out too which clearly means K8 are not playing enough songs that warrant a P bass.)

5) Fender - Standard Jazz Bass (modified) (Arctic White)

Still included - still shunned for being a shit bass and not playing and thus denying me bass solo on that DVD.  I suppose I should ignore it like I do mystery DB bass, but this one’s an easy identification.  Hiss.  Let us move on.

6) Rickenbacker - 4001 v63 (Fireglo)

What’s nice about the Rickenbacker’s is that they’re very easy to ID.  Even though the 4001 v63 isn’t listed on the site, it has the logo curving down, not up, (which was done on reissues to commemorate the fact this was one of Paul McCartney’s signature basses and, as he was left handed, his head was turned the wrong way), and has the dots on the board instead of these occasional triangles.  I don’t think Maru actually owns this, but it gets included due to my love of the Rickenbacker.  

7) Fender - American Standard (Vintage ‘64?) Jazz Bass (3 Color Sunburst, Rosewood fingerboard)

Man, this one’s a stumper! I do not actually know here, because in general it’s just an American Standard…except it has that bottom finger rest!  It’s not really the Vintage ‘64 because I see no holes of removing the bridge covers.  But the standard doesn’t have the rest!  Weird, finger rests are kind of…outdated except on vintage models.  I seriously doubt he had it added on custom, but who knows.  Fender Jazz, American Standard, vintage reissue - lean toward that. 8|a

8) Sterling by Music Man - StingRay34 (custom?)

Oh this is interesting. :Da  So the new orange Juke Box bass is a California company and as far as I can tell they do not sell an orange version.  Mayhaps Maru got his Ray34 custom painted?  (Or who knows, there are tons of vendors.)  Point being, it’s not a Fender, so I’ll be interested to listen to Juke Box once it’s out on DVD so I can take a closer listen.  It’s nice to have a new brand in the mix.  (Also, as much as I love that mainstay natural, it warms a nerd’s heart to see more customization/variation/interest as time goes on, different brands/types being used for different songs like they should.)


9) Gibson - Memphis (1959) ES-335 (Historic Burst)

For fun I decided to ID the two guitars Maru played for KavaKora too.  It might not actually be the expensive 1959 model - there are a lot of things about that guitar that are unique to that version (length of pickguard, knob color, the ears) but then…hmm, well, regardless it is a Gibson Memphis ES-335.  The thing is…I have not seen anyone else in the group play this particular instrument.  Did you borrow it Maru, or is it yours? 8Da  (Regardless: ….GIBSON *clutches heart* GOOD JOB.  My preferred for electric over Fenders.)

10) Gibson - Southern Jumbo Acoustic (Sunburst)

Good standard acoustic.  Oh hey, this is the same one he played for his solo con, according to the pic I have. :Da Good, solid choice - stoutest they have (? I believe), which I guess makes sense if you’re used to playing basses (heavier). 8|b Maybe I need to start paying more attention to the acoustics…

Anyway, as per usual, I welcome corrections if you know better than I (especially on that one 8|a)