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⌘ 17,Mar,2015

Ramones - Road to Ruin
My favorite song is “she’s the one”

ラモーンズ- Road to Ruin
10曲目の”she’s the one”が好きです。


#70’s #80’s #ramones #punk #8beat
#ラモーンズ #パンク #コンバース #ライダーズ

renzus asked:

Hello Shannon is me again, I'm sorry to hear about your loss, if you wish to talk or vent sometime,you can count on me, if you could post the chords would be nice although I'm not sure I can play it as good as you, have a nice day

Thank you! I really appreciate it(:
It’s a basic 4/4 format. The chords are C, Dm, F and then it goes to a weird c that’s on the feet above regular c. You can also think of it was a fret below C7 
So after the milkshake part it’s weird C,Dm F, normal C for about 8beats after the milkshake part
And then the next verse is weird C, F, normal C
So all together it’s:
C, Dm, F
Weird C, Dm, F, C
Weird C, F, C
Happy playing!


Vibe IRADA na Deep Mind neste ultimo final de semana 🙏😍 obrigado pelo b2b foda @pukadj #diamn #skybeach #8beats (em Sky Beach)


Engraçado que sempre me perguntam: “você quer ser famoso?!” e eu sempre respondo com um sorriso no rosto “não, eu quero ser reconhecido” 🙏 🙌 obrigado pela noite mágica. ❤ #diamn #8beats #nightbass #djlife