baby you just don't get it // xio

AJ knew the day would come where he’d have to stop doing this. He always gave in to Xio without much of a fight. She asked him to come over, and he said yes. He just knew if he objected there’d be a huge fight and half the time it just wasn’t worth it. He changed out of his sweats into a pair of black jeans, pairing it with a loose tank and his favorite sneakers. He didn’t really bother doing much with his hair, leaving it messy. Not like it’d make a difference how nice he looked, anyway. He grabbed his keys and headed out after shooting Xio a text that he was on his way.

It didn’t take him long to get to her house since he had the route down so well. He parked his Impala in front of her house and got out, walking up to her door and letting himself in. “Xi!” He called, shutting the door behind him.