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How much do you wanna might for SM promoting SJ KRY, their already filming an MV. And all they got was just a mention that the trio will reunite and that was before Yesung was discharged. The rest of the 86lines will enlist at the end of the year or the start of next year, with Ryeowook likely to follow(not sure about kibum) Kyuhyun needs to enlist next year, if they want SJ to be complete again by 2018. It is very likely that by next year five of SJ will be enlisted.

I mean there’s still a while before KRY’s mv comes out so maybe they’ll do a little more promo? They have all their concerts coming up too. But, KRY has never been promoted well, like they don’t even have a full album or anything so I’m sort of numb to it now?? Ofc I wish SM would work harder for SJ but I’ve learned to expect nothing and honestly I’m p tired of yelling into the void abt how shitty their company is. Also, lol I don’t want to talk abt enlisting bc I’m very……sensitive about Kyuhyun leaving. I think SJ will be rather inactive musically for the next 2-4 years unless Heechul blesses us w another album or the remaining members have solos (im willing to bet yesung w definitely have an album)??? I’m sure they’re going to be on shows and all that so we won’t be completely deprived lol. But 2 years goes by quickly and when they all come back together the wait will be worth it. Maybe they’ll pull a Shinhwa and make their own company or something!!