'Paraguay's footballing reputation has been restored'

Concepcion (Chile), June 29 (IANS) Defender Pablo Aguilar believes Paraguay’s stature in South American football has already been raised by their performances at the ongoing Copa America.

Paraguay were runners-up in Argentina four years ago - losing 0-3 in the final to Uruguay - but failed to build on that and missed out on a place at World Cup 2014.

Paraguay will face Argentina in the semi-finals on Tuesday here.

The defender stated that regardless of the result in that match, they have helped rebuild their previously ailing reputation.

“I think that this group has put the name of Paraguay up high - we are among the best four,” Aguilar said in a press conference.

“Although many did not believe in us, we achieved our objectives, are still alive and will continue this way.”

Ramon Diaz’s men eliminated Brazil on penalties in their quarter-final clash, with Aguilar and Bruno Valdez both picking up yellow cards in the process.

Another booking would rule the centre-back out of their next fixture - potentially the final - but he is not concerned and is focused on giving Argentina a difficult challenge.

“In my case I never think about whether I am a booking away from a suspension. I do not think about the next game, I think about the present,” he added.

“Against Argentina we must go out and play as equals, like we did against Brazil.”

Paraguay played against Argentina in their first clash in the group stage, coming from two goals down in the second half to earn a point in a 2-2 draw in La Serena earlier in the competition.

Striker Nelson Haedo Valdez has called upon his team not to repeat their display from the first period in that match, while also offering his condolences to team-mate Derlis Gonzalez, whose uncle died in the stands during their clash with Brazil.

“We do not want to suffer like in the first half against Argentina. We must apply pressure and be organised,” he said.

“We have joy and sadness at the death of the family member of Derlis Gonzalez, but he knows he has our support.”

The winner of the clash will earn a place in the final at the Estadio Nacional stadium in Santiago on July 4, while the loser will remain here to contest the third-place play-off.

धरणगावात दोन गटात तणाव

धरणगाव (जि. जळगाव) : अधिक मासानिमित्त पहाटे निघालेल्या दिंडीचे स्वागत करण्यासाठी लावलेल्या पणत्यांना काहींनी लाथा मारून त्या उधळल्याने शहरात दोन गटांत वाद झाला. पोलिसांनी तिघांना अटक केली आहे.
पोलीस व राजकीय पदाधिकाऱ्यांनी वेळीच मध्यस्थी करून वाद मिटवला होता. मात्र त्यानंतर बसस्टँड परिसरात संतप्त जमावाने विविध वस्तू आणि फळांची विक्री करणाऱ्यांच्या हातगाड्या उलटविल्याने गावात दंगलीची अफवा पसरली होती. दोन्ही गटांनी परस्पराविरोधी फिर्यादी दिल्याने गुन्हे दाखल झाले आहेत.
रविवारी सकाळी ६ वाजेच्या सुमारास दिंडीच्या स्वागतासाठी पाताळनगरी भागात गृहिणींनी रांगोळ्या काढून पणत्या लावल्या होत्या. काही समाजकंटकांनी पणत्या लाथाडल्या.यामुळे काही वेळातच तणाव निर्माण झाला. त्यानंतर सकाळी ११ वाजेच्या सुमारास बसस्टँड परिसरात संतप्त जमावाने फळविक्री करणाऱ्यांच्या हातगाड्या उलथवून टाकल्या. (वार्ताहर)

Irate French taxi drivers smash cars in strike against Uber

PARIS (AP) – French taxi drivers pulled out the throttle in an all-out confrontation with the ultra-cheap Uber car service Thursday, smashing livery cars, setting tires ablaze and blocking traffic during a nationwide strike that caught tourists and celebrities alike in the mayhem.

Travelers going to and from the airport were forced to walk alongside highways with their bags, while others, including singer Courtney Love, had their cars set upon by striking taxi drivers.

“They’ve ambushed our car and are holding our driver hostage,” Love tweeted. “They’re beating the cars with metal bats. this is France?? I’m safer in Baghdad,”

The French government was aghast, with Prime Minister Manuel Valls lamenting: “These incidents give a deplorable image to visitors of our country.”

Taxi drivers justified their rage, saying Uber’s lowest-cost service UberPop was ruining their livihoods.

Despite repeated rulings against it and an October law that explicitly outlaws UberPop, its drivers continue to ply French roads and the American ride-hailing company is actively recruiting drivers and passengers alike. Uber claims to have a total of 400,000 customers a month in France.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve rushed back from a trip to Marseille to meet with taxi unions, declaring afterward that UberPop must be shut down and its vehicles seized if caught by police carrying passengers. He said 70 vehicles had been damaged around France in Thursday’s protests and 10 people were arrested.

Cazeneuve said he would meet with UberPop officials to tell them their service is illegal. “It must, therefore, be closed,” he said. “The government will never accept the law of the jungle.”

He ordered a meeting of French anti-fraud officials Monday to put in place measures to immediately stop illegal taxis from servicing customers. Only a decision by the Justice Ministry can ban the App for UberPop, he said.

Earlier, Cazeneuve ordered an immediate ban on unlicensed drivers in the Paris region.

That didn’t faze Uber France chief Thibaud Simphal, who said on RTL radio he was telling his drivers “to continue.” He contended that thus far the justice system “has not demanded that UberPop be forbidden.”

Anger seethed across France, with riot police chasing strikers from Paris’ ring road, where protesters torched tires and swarmed onto exit ramps during rush hour on the busy artery that leads to Charles de Gaulle airport. In Toulouse in the southwest, angry taxi drivers dumped flour onto UberPop cars, tires were burned in Nantes in the west, and in Lyon, in the southeast, roads were blocked.

Love, Kurt Cobain’s widow, said she was ambushed while traveling from the airport, then saved by two men on a motorcycle. It wasn’t immediately clear what type of car she was riding in.

“paid some guys on motorcycles to sneak us out, got chased by a mob of taxi drivers who threw rocks, passed two police and they did nothing,” she tweeted.

She later posted a selfie of herself wearing a motorcycle helmet with her two smiling rescuers.

Uber’s more expensive livery service is still legal but a source of intense frustration for French taxi drivers, who pay tens of thousands of euros (dollars) for the equivalent of medallions and who face customer complaints that they are being resistant to changes such as credit cards and geolocation.

Taxi drivers in other European countries also complain that car services like Uber unfairly undercut them.

A judge ordered a temporary suspension in Spain, and in the Netherlands a Dutch court has ruled that UberPop must stop service. A world away, in China, the government banned drivers of private cars from offering services through an app.

In France, in recent weeks, nearly 100 Uber drivers have been attacked, sometimes while carrying customers, a scenario repeated on Thursday. One passenger was left with a swollen face and black eye after he took an UberPop ride over the weekend, then posted his mangled face on Facebook, an image that quickly made the rounds on French media.

“There are people who are willing to do anything to stop any competition,” said Thomas Meister, a spokesman for Uber. “We are only the symptom of a badly organized market.”

The French government, meanwhile, said nearly 500 legal cases had been filed across the country involving complaints over UberPop. Officials raise concerns about passenger safety, insisting they are not protected in case of an accident by an UberPop driver.

Violence peaked in the Paris region, where images from around the city captured the rage, with an Uber-style car overturned, others with tires slashed and windshields cracked.

Fast-moving technological innovations such as smartphone apps have given the French government headaches when it comes to adapting national laws. With the French unemployment rate in the double-digits, many of the jobless are looking for opportunities to work.

Even Interior Ministry officials acknowledge the emergence of Uber and similar services — which can feature perks such as free bottled water, polite drivers and the chance to pay by credit card — have created a competitive market that is forcing changes in the taxi industry.

However, Cazeneuve pushed back. “Modernity is not illegal work,” he said, denouncing Uber and its leaders “who with arrogance apply not one of the rules of law.”

Addressing a leading complaint of taxi drivers — that authorities are not doing enough to apply the new law — ministry officials emphasized that it will take time to fully implement.

Serge Metz CEO of the G7 taxi service acknowledged room for improvement, especially in quality of service that taxis offer, but said unfair competition was making drivers’ lives impossible.

“This is the first time we’ve had a multinational so cynical that, in every country where it operates, flouts the laws in place and lobbies with an army of lawyers and lobbyists to change the laws,” Serge Metz, CEO of the G7 taxi service, said.


Associated Press writers Jamey Keaten and Thomas Adamson in Paris contributed to this report.

Nikkei sube a máximo en 2 semanas luego de que Grecia ofrece nuevas propuestas para evitar impago

TOKIO (Reuters) - El índice Nikkei de la bolsa de Tokio subió el lunes a un máximo en dos semanas por la esperanza de que las nuevas propuestas del primer ministro griego, Alexis Tsipras, logren apaciguar a sus acreedores y ayuden a evitar una moratoria de la deuda de Atenas.
El Nikkei saltó un 1,3 por ciento, a 20.428,19 puntos, su máximo de cierre desde el 8 de junio.

(Reporte de Ayai Tomisawa. Editado en español por Carlos Aliaga)

Juros de curto e médio prazos fecham com viés de alta e longos recuam

Os juros futuros terminaram sem uma direção única nesta quinta-feira, 18. O dólar em baixa favoreceu o recuo das taxas na parte da manhã, mas à tarde o desempenho contrariava os fundamentos e fatores mais técnicos prevaleceram. A despeito da alta do rendimento dos Treasuries (títulos dos EUA) e de sinais de que o governo pretende reduzir a meta de superávit primário, os vencimentos longos terminaram em queda.

Já os contratos de curto e médio prazos fecharam entre a estabilidade e leve alta, diante das expectativas de que o Banco Central deve subir a Selic pelo menos no próximo encontro do Comitê de Política Monetária (Copom) e de que a taxa básica não deve ter alívio até que as projeções de inflação para 2016 recuem para 4,5%, centro da meta de inflação.

Ao término da sessão regular na BM&F, o DI janeiro de 2016 encerrou em 14,24%, de 14,23% no ajuste de ontem. O DI janeiro de 2017 encerrou em 13,98%, ante 13,93% no ajuste anterior, e o DI janeiro de 2021 recuou de 12,77% para 12,68%. A taxa da T-Note de dez anos subia a 2,348%, de 2,312% no final da tarde de ontem.

A moeda norte-americana terminou em baixa de 0,20%, a R$ 3,0550, alinhada à tendência externa de recuo ante as demais divisas, principalmente o euro.

Best restaurant in Canada holds onto title for second year

Raymonds in St. John’s, Newfoundland earned the distiction of topping the list in the fourth annual Vacay.ca Top Restaurants in Canada rankings for the second year in a row.

It’s the first time a restaurant has successfully defended its place, according to Vacay.ca.

The list of 50 was put together by connoisseurs, food and travel journalists and other industry experts.

With 12 of its restaurants appearing on the list, Toronto was the leading city and all 10 provinces were represented. 

2015 Top 10 Restaurants in Canada:

  1. Raymonds, St. John’s
  2. Joe Beef, Montreal
  3. Toque, Montreal
  4. Bar Isabel, Toronto
  5. Hawksworth, Vancouver
  6. Splendido, Toronto
  7. Mallard Cottage, St. John’s
  8. Buca, Toronto
  9. Bar Raval, Toronto
  10. Edulis, Toronto

To see the complete list: http://toprestaurantsincanada.com/blog/term/2015-top-50-restaurants-in-canada-articles

To meet the judges: http://www.toprestaurantsincanada.com/page/judges-top-restaurants-in-canada

Snacking on Peanuts May Extend Your Life

People who regularly eat peanuts may live longer, a new study from the Netherlands finds. But before you get too excited, peanut butter doesn’t count.

In the study, people who ate at least a third of an ounce (10 grams) of peanuts or other nuts daily were 23 percent less likely to die over a 10-year period than people who didn’t eat nuts. The biggest reductions in deaths among the nut-lovers were for deaths from respiratory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes, followed by cancer and cardiovascular diseases, the researchers said.

The benefit of eating nuts topped out at 15 grams daily, which is about half a handful, and eating more than that did not bring further decreases in people’s risk of dying during the study, Piet van den Brandt, a co-author of the study and professor of epidemiology at Maastricht University, said in a statement. 

But “it was remarkable that substantially lower mortality was already observed” at this level of consumption, he said. [Extending Life: 7 Ways to Live Past 100

Eating peanut butter, however, despite its high content of peanuts, was not associated with a lower mortality risk. Peanut butter’s salt and vegetable oils, which contain trans fatty acids, may supersede the protective nutrition in the peanuts themselves, the researchers said.

For the study, the researchers used data on about 120,000 middle-age Dutch men and women who participated in the Netherlands Cohort Study, which began in 1986. Within 10 years, about 18,000 of the participants had died. The researchers looked at the questionnaires that the participants had completed at the study’s start, as well as the individuals’ risk of dying during the study.

It is not exactly clear why there may be a longevity benefit to eating peanuts, which are legumes (in the same group as peas and lentils), and tree nuts, such as pecans, walnuts and almonds. But both peanuts and tree nuts contain compounds that have been linked with health benefits, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, the researchers said.

Previous studies done in the United States and Asia have linked nut consumption with lower rates of death from cardiovascular disease, the researchers said. 

Elizabeth Goldbaum is on Twitter. Follow Live Science @livescience, Facebook & Google+. Original article on Live Science

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विस्तार अधिकाऱ्याद्वारे अपंग कर्मचाऱ्याचा अवमान

सेलू : स्थानिक पंचायत समितीमधील एस.एन. वांदिले हे कनिष्ठ लिपीक या पदावर कार्यरत आहेत. ते ७० टक्के अपंग आहेत. मंगळवारी ते विस्तार अधिकारी पंचायत आर.डी. कांबळे यांच्या अधिनस्थ काम करण्याकरिता रूजू झाले असता बुधवारी ‘मला लंगडे, लुले कशाला दिले’, अशा शब्दात बोलून कांबळे यांनी अपंग कर्मचाऱ्यांचा अवमान केला. या प्रकरणी गटविकास अधिकाऱ्यांकडे तक्रार करण्यात आली असून कारवाईची मागणी होत आहे.
गटविकास अधिकाऱ्यांच्या समक्ष कांबळे यांनी त्यांच्याच कक्षात अपंग कर्मचाऱ्याचा अवमान केला. यावेळी अन्य कर्मचारीही उपस्थित होते. सदर प्रकार बुधवारी सायंकाळी ५ वाजताच्या सुमारास गटविकास अधिकारी यांच्या कक्षात घडल्याची लेखी तक्रार अपंग कर्मचारी वांदिले यांनी केली. विस्तार अधिकारी कांबळे यांना अपंगांना अर्वाच्य शब्दात बोलण्याचा अधिकार कुणी दिला, याची त्वरित चौकशी होऊन कारवाई करावी, अशी मागणी वांदिले यांनी गटविकास अधिकारी अनिता तेलंग यांना निवेदनातून केली आहे. विस्तार अधिकारी पंचायत यांच्या अधिनस्थ कार्यालयीन काम करणे अत्यंत कठीण झाले आहे. रूजू झाल्यापासून वांदिले यांना त्रास दिला जात आहे. यामुळे चौकशी करून कारवाई करावी व विभाग बदलून द्यावा, अशी मागणी त्यांनी केली आहे.(तालुका प्रतिनिधी)

Podemos e devemos recuperar espaços para setor automotivo, diz Monteiro

Ao demonstrar preocupação com a estagnação da produtividade brasileira, Armando Monteiro Neto, ministro do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior, afirmou nesta terça-feira, 16, durante audiência pública no Senado que “a relativa estagnação da produtividade da indústria é preocupante”. O ministro aproveitou para reforçar a necessidade de exportação e chegou a sugerir que o setor automotivo volte a exportar mais.

“O mercado interno automotivo vai viver retração. Podemos e devemos recuperar espaços para o setor em vários mercados do mundo”, afirmou. O ministro reiterou que o setor pode exportar mais e num curto prazo. Monteiro apresentou esta alternativa como uma ideia rápida e de menor prazo para a recuperação de mercados externos com as exportações.

Viimeisillään raskaana oleva Madeleine hehkui – laskettu aika lähipäivinä
Madeleine jätti laivamatkan väliin, mutta saapui illalliselle miehensä kanssa.