Everyone! Imperia singer Helena Iren Michaelsen really needs you help!

This campaign has to do with Helena’s ongoing battle with her neighbors who have been constantly intimidating and harassing her, her daughter, and her animals. Also this battle includes many corrupt people/officials within her community government that have allowed the illegal construction of house next to her property, damage to her drainage system which is causing an environmental issue. And numerous other illegal activities. They are now in the process of trying to take her daughter away from her using lies that she is a drug addict and is abusing her child. This is the furthest thing from the truth. It is merely these people trying to exact revenge on Helena for actually trying to bring the fight against the corruption. She has now had to take on a second lawyer, which is a financial burden on her since she is on a fixed monthly income. This is not a scam to just make money from people. This is an honest plea for help.


More than 8,500 Syrian refugees in Turkey

"I, Colonel Hussein Harmoush, am leaving the Syrian army…" This is a rather captivating and moving video, showing a former Syrian Colonel discussing the refugees who have fled to Turkey, seeking to escape the oppression and violent brutality the Assad government has unleashed. Harmoush details seeing soldiers refuse to fire on civilians when given the terrible order, while others complied. This is in keeping with reports of internal fracturing in Syria, including military soldiers reportedly shot dead by government security forces for refusing to slay civilians. source

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The Sonicare 8500, A Crest Intelliclean Electric Toothbrush That Delivers Toothpaste to the Bristles

The Sonicare 8500, A Crest Intelliclean Electric Toothbrush That Delivers Toothpaste to the Bristles

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We’re not afraid of any attack;
I say “Yo KP, we got your back!

#8500: My Ron Stoppable costume for a Halloween party last night! Rufus got so many excited squeals from the ladies, and the first person to figure out who I was was wearing a Barnacle Boy outfit - kindred spirits in animation nostalgia! I got asked “Where’s Kim??!” half a dozen times. I always forget to plan on going to parties with enough time in advance to coordinate with someone. :(

The benefits of using military surplus for cosplay gear: out of sight on my other hip is a US Army canteen filled with rum&coke, and an ammunition pouch for my Kimmunicator (aka Galaxy S4), keys, cover money, emergency condom, and flashlight*.  

*which is surprisingly, ridiculously powerful for a little keychain light. It’s got five front-facing LEDs and can easily blind me. And I got it for free at Engineering Expo!

The apartment party was bangin’. The night (Friday November 1st, since the 31st fell on a Thursday) was ridiculously warm and breezy, and the apartment complex was only a 15-minute walk from mine.  A friend from Creative Writing class came as a burlesque dancer sporting a black leather corset she’d gotten earlier in the week, fishnets, fingerless gloves, a pink feather boa, and a top hat. Hnngg. (Considering the fact she’s a redhead, I wish I’d asked her to contemplate a matching KP outfit…) Her friend went as a cowgirl in a red plaid shirt, jean daisy-dukes, and riding boots, with her wavy blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. (As it turns out, she does horse-riding and dressage. So the boots were likely functional.)  

Alcohol was consumed, the DJ’s music turned bassy, things lead to things, and I eventually wound up in a sandwich-grind between them, where they alternatively made out with each other across my shoulder and with me. ^__^ (Cowgirl got my mouth, while CW friend went after the nape of my neck….. unffff. I picked up the former’s number by the end of the night. Inebriated cigarette kisses are a magical combination.) 

The emergency condom went unused, but I’m glad I had my flashlight for the walk home. Rufus was unusually quiet - though I don’t know if from trauma or giddiness. :P 

Экспресс-обзор Windows-смартфона Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 DUO

Экспресс-обзор Windows-смартфона Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 DUO

Экспресс-обзор Windows-смартфона Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 DUO

Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 DUO работает под управлением операционной системы Windows Phone 8.1. Напомним, что с последним обновлением она стала немножко удобнее и ближе к пользователям, в ней появились переключатели в строке …
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