Dear D,

"SHADAMDADAM ASDFGHJKLGJTSIFNDHGFDR" Yung totoo! Anong lenggwahe ang kinakanta mo? HAHAHAHA! Ang cute mo kanina! Di mo alam kung ano gagawin mo. =)))))) Sa last part lang ako kinilig simula nagumpisa yung ASAP. Sa totoo lang, di kita feel when you’re with K. Seriously. Magalit na lahat ng magagalit, pero ganun eh. Di ako kinikilig sayo pag magkasama kayo. :( KN fan ako nung Growing Up days. Sobra kilig ko senyo. Kaso ngayon, wala na. </3 Kaya nag-focus ako kay E kanina. Kawawa nga sya kanina eh. As usual, may prod kayong 3 at na-OP sya. At kawawa sya sa mga fans niyong patola forevs. Huhuhu. Galit ka ba sa sinabi ko? Sorry talaga. I want nothing but you. You alone. Balita ko, original songs laman ng album mo ha? Hiyessss! BET ko yun. Kahit mahal, bibilhin ko padin yun. <3 EGZOITED. :”> Trending ka din pala. Worldwide! NUXXX! You alreadyyy! =)) Anyways, bagay sayo naka-glasses. o.o You look good! ;) ♥ Ingat sa SM Marilao! :*

- B.

Woah. Two more days and I’m 4 months clean of cutting? This is insane. Never thought I’d make it this far. The longest I’ve ever gone before this is about 2 months & 20 days.
I’m honestly proud of myself.

Wala daw siyang lovelife! <//3

Ano ako? HA.HA.HA! Ang sakit ha? Ang sakit. Pero sige lang, friends lang tayo. Wahahaha!!! Sabi ko naman sa’yo sa start pa lang eh.. <//3

Friends! Friendzone! Nakakainis lang. Ewan. Sabi ko naman na “as a friend” lang pero di ko alam. HAHAHAHA!! Ngayon nga eh, first day pa lang ng sembreak, miss na talaga kita. I miss you so bad! T.T

Pero minsan, naiisip ko lang, seryoso ka kaya? Kasi kung ako ang tatanungin, oo seryoso ako. lol dehjk. XD HAHAHA! May “R” ka na nga, may “N” at “K” ka pa. Ako? Geh lang, may you-know naman ako eh! \m/

Sige lang… love pa rin kita! Hihihihi.:3 Ikaw lang eh. lol


as of today I’m so done with the run around; trying to find a new dealer and the suffering of my debilitating condition known as scoliosis. I was diagnosed in my teen years but my pediatrician suggested that I didn’t need treatment due to how acute my curvature in my spine was and the lack of pain it was bringing to my body. Now that I’m in my twenties, my back hurts all of the time. I’m in pain 100% of my day. As of now I can only sleep when my body can’t handle being awake anymore. I also just recently lost my job that I only got to work at for 2 days; I was in so much pain that I had to reluctantly succumb to asking the owner for a cut in my hours. They let me go the very next morning via email.

Monday, I will be getting records of my diagnosis so I can apply for an Arizona Medical Marijuana card. Apparently it’s going to cost me about $150 out of my broke-ass pockets just for the application process. 

My mother works for the Peoria Police Department, which gives me exceptional insurance coverage, but I’m sure she doesn’t want any part in this. To her this is just as bad as smoking meth. 

My boyfriend thinks that I have a drug problem and jsut trying to get his support is like pulling teeth.

The ignorance of our society is making this process all the much harder for me. because of this there is a hold back on dispensaries opening in Phoenix.

I don’t want to be put on pain medication like acetaminophen which aids respiratory conditions like asthma and ibuprofen that causes stomach bleeding. I don’t want to be put on sleep aids.

Please send me some positive energy so I can get through this alone I sincerely need it.