so, this weekend i finally got 0.1k followers, i know it’s not much, but i have this blog in a really long time, so yeah.. i’m always thinking about give up on this, but i can’t, i really love here, and i love you guys, so thank you so much! so, i made a follow forever with my favorites blogs to “celebrate”, because this blogs inspire me every day and make me not give up on my blog, so thank you!

80stimewarp | 80slove | 80scandles | 80sdepp | 80steenmovies | vintagesalt | mastersofthe80s | rockthistown1980 | rockthe80s | cosmic-adolescence | retrowhore | brianjxhnson | thegreaserclub | nearlyvintage | johnbenderbc | vintagegal

and if you have a blog you think i should check out or anything, just talk to me ok? my ask is always open!

anonymous asked:

I need more 80s blogs to follow, do you know any good ones? :)

(: Sure I’ll list some.



I really like those, cause they’re my top two favorites. 




Theres a few!(:

are you an 80s blog? self-promote yourself in my ask!(: