Lizzie Mercier Descloux was a French musician, singer-songwriter, composer, actress, writer and painter who composed film scores and wrote poetry too from 1978 - 1999. She struck up friendships with Patti Smith and Richard Hell when visiting New York in 1975, and both contributed material to her first book, Desiderata. Self-taught as a guitarist, Descloux revealed herself as a supreme minimalist within the No Wave genre, concentrating on spindly, single-note lines combined with wrong-note harmonies and funky rhythms. Her French hit in ‘84, “Mais où Sont Passées les Gazelles?”, and the award-winning album Zulu Rock, drew influence on the music of Soweto before she travelled through Africa. In the mid 1990s, Lizzy devoted herself to painting and to writing an unpublished novel. We are heavily influenced by her style in the ’80s and relate to her love of African sound which is home to us!