Sarah and I head skyward on her second tree climb. While in the canopy we decided upon the name ‘Roo’ for this sycamore which has an appendage coming out of its base. Hook stayed below to snap this photo and monitor our progress. The name was later refined to ‘Marcy’ which goes along with the marsupial theme but also fits the marshy location of the tree. The name ‘Roo’ now goes to the tree’s appendage.


While many motoryachts in this class tend to focus on day boating and dockside cocktail parties, the Hatteras 80 reflects an owner’s desire for serious cruising to remote destinations and extended time aboard. But she is also intended for serious entertaining as the table on the bow indicated. Her wide beam accommodates four large staterooms with en suite heads, a spacious “country kitchen” galley, a large saloon with an adjacent formal dining table, plus a warm and inviting aft deck completes the layout. All of this while maintaining the highest level of luxury and construction standards.

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The famous Steve Aoki 80ft cake throw…


(( I have seen it! A couple times, actually.

aaaaaaaaaand…. maybe? Bruticus is only around 80ft tall, and most [if not all] of the Kaiju are several hundred feet. BUT he does have that sweet shockwave blast thing, along with his flamethrower.

I think he could put up a good fight, but ultimately I’m not sure he could beat a Kaiju on his own do I smell a gestalt team-up?! ))

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Maybe early the city would be annoyed at this giant merboy who somehow manages to ALWAYS fall asleep in the harbor entrance, but eventually after getting used to him they would get the idea to advertise him as the city's highlights (Rin being annoyed at all these frikkin tourists that won't stop bugging him and his boyfriend)

finally he volunteers to be like the tourist director thing, “but only for that spot”. he wont show anyone else any other attractions. just haru. everyone has to comply because haru’s kind of fucking 70-80ft tall


Lynn valley canyon. Lots of crazy boys jumping down 80ft waterfalls. We swim in the pools beneath and then need to thaw out on the rocks before cooling down with an ice lolly (dan still can’t manage to eat one without it going everywhere). As we re leaving 4 fire engines and an ambulance turn up ?to rescue aforementioned crazy boys..

Here is my scale model for our future tiny(ish) house. Suggestions please.

Well we only 3 short weeks ago were planning to buy the house we have been renting for over a year now and then save to build a nicer home, that plan fell through though so now our plan is to buy some nice vacant land in the country and hopefully build something like I have designed right here. The plan is for a 450sqft (15x30) solar greenhouse abutting a 360sqft (12x30) + an 80ft sleeping loft home, Most of the living area has high ceilings both to take advantage of the light collection ability of windows over the roofline of the greenhouse but also to make the space feel less claustrophobic. I went back and forth about the idea but i’d like to combine the greenhouse and house after talking to a few people who have solar greenhouses. The consensus would be all through the cold season here, 6+ months in zone 5 upstate NY, we would have to use very little heat and should be able to get by on sunny days with none at all during the day just from venting excess heat from the greenhouse. For the summertime, which can get quite warm, reaching at least 90 a couple days a year here, there may be some excess heat buildup but this should be mostly mitigated by a well insulated wall separating the two spaces. The other advantage is it will be easy to heat the greenhouse when it is needed to to its proximity to where we are living, I really dont want to trudge across the yard to fire up a rocket stove on one of our -10*f evenings here. Not to mention all of the mental health benefits with being in close proximity to plant life year round. The plan isnt to be living in this house here forever, I woulod mostly like something straightforward enough to build myself that I wouldnt need to go into much, or any debt to build. In the meantime while living here my girlfriend and I could save money towards a dwelling more suited for a family. It would be nice to keep afterwards as a studio or apartment along with having a large solar greenhouse.

Here are some pictures of the design, I have filled it with a possible trial layout just to get a feel for some of the ways the space could flow potentially.

Pretend that the opaque white is triple-wall poly board, I am limited with the program I designed it in.

I think depending on the site we decide on I would like to sink the floor level of the greenhouse a foot or two below grade to increase the thermal mass of the floor and get a greater moderating effect from the earth. The house windows also serve a couple puposes, facing south they illuminate the entire house all day and also add a small passive solar effect. Being at the top of the ceiling they also can be used to create a solar chimney effect if opened along with the 2 windows on the north side of the house.

You can see in this picture I would like to go with a metal roof.

And here are some of the interior. As far as utilities I would put the well pump pressure tank in the kitchens utility closet and the hot water heater most likely in the greenhouse area along the back wall along with a washer, dryer and slop sink. The bare L shaped area along the wall in the living room would be the place for a rocket mass heater bench which will be our only heat source besides a small propane heater in the greenhouse (Which could heat the whole structure if need be) in case we go away or for some reason don’t want a fire. The loft bedroom has a 8ft ceiling tapering to ~4 over its 8 foot width with the space further over being a low closet space. We also would have a large coat and clothes rack in the entry hallway, a small pantry/utility closet in the kitchen and the bathroom ceiling will be possibly capped off leaving a large open space to put objects above, possibly more food storage or valuable things I wouldn’t want to stick in a shed outside.

So this is basically the general idea. The only addon I can think of would be that I would like to include a sunken root cellar built up against the north wall of the house with an entrance from outside, the storage space for food in the kitchen is somewhat limited with the only space being cabinets and the utility closet.

Anyone have any feedback on the design? Ill probably be starting in the early spring as long as we have found a suitable piece of property and obviously I may to tailor the design slightly to the space. I estimated a total construction cost of about $50,000 which includes me doing nearly all of the labor and assuming the septic and well already exists.

Ten-year-old little shit decides workman drilling outside building 80ft above the ground is making too much noise, cuts his harness


A workman nearly plummeted to his death after a fucking child cut the ropes on his harness because the noisy work was interrupting his TV show.

Liu Mai was using a drill on the side of the apartment building earlier this week in Guizhou, China 80ft off the ground when 10-year-old Tang Chu took a knife to his ropes, almost causing his death.

Mr Liu said: “I was using an electric drill to fit security lights to the outside of the building when I felt my safety rope shaking. I looked up to see what was wrong. Then I saw a damn little boy cutting the rope with a knife. I shouted at him to stop but he didn’t listen and soon after, the rope was broken. I was petrified.”

He was left hanging onto a single rope for dear life while colleagues spent 40 minutes struggling to pull him to safety.


A spokesman from the local fire service said the boy acted on impulse when the drilling made it difficult for him to hear his cartoons.

His father, Tang Peng, said the boy has apologized and the family have brought Mr Liu a new rope.

He said: “We also gave him a good talking too and explained what he did was very dangerous. He has promised he will not do something similar again, unless someone disturbs his cartoons.”

Mr Tang also revealed he is considering taking his son to anger management therapy due to the incident. In the meantime though, MR Tang said they’ve taken away any sharp instruments in the apartment, just as a precaution.

Par 3 220 yards. Diable Mt- Tremblant. Like playing darts. 80ft drop. Target golf. #lediable #diablemttremblant #scenicgolf #perfectround #upnorthtrip #nikegolf #tigerwoods #golfshoes #oakleygolf #adamsgolf #golfislife #goodtimes #enjoylife #thankful #blessed #goodmorning #birdie #par #regulationgolf #theopen #instafun #instapic #instacool #instagood #instalike #picoftheday #photooftheday #instamtl #igmtl

A Most Unusual Home - #MuseItUp

A Most Unusual Home – #MuseItUp

House shaped like a boat in Almunecar, Spain

House shaped like a boat in Almunecar, Spain

I was looking through some old papers today and came across a cutting from a magazine, which showed highly unusual houses. From tree houses 80ft up in the forest of New Guinea to the Meditation House in Bhutan, a house impossibly perched in a cleft on the side of a sheer cliff face.

I wondered what was the…

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Nother day of digging tomorrow

Looks to be a dry but overcast day, 7celsius so it’ll be cool enough to go full out, might be able to manage 80ft of 6’ 4’ push my own record :D
If i do, i’m totally going bouldering afterwards to celebrate!
My forearms are getting weak of late, need to rectify this!