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The Other Woman

It all happen three years ago when I first looked in your eyes you were the winter I was the snow. Each needing the other to coexist but these feelings I felt was a huge risk. See I was the quiet girl and you were the popular guy I always cheered you on. The sideline. Then one day we met It was a secret between you and I. I would give you a gift I never gave to another guy. Oh how your touch made me feel like only we could exist how your kiss matched perfectly with mine and the softness if your lips.

I cant quite recall why I took such a risk like how could something so wrong just feels oh so right.  But when i woke up the next morning you were gone like the night. You made me promise to keep it between you and I but could that be when you meant so much to me. Now three years in and I remember everything the look in your eyes to the smile on your face. You call me your best friend with a wink on your face. The perfect disguise best friends you and I.

I loved you, you claimed you loved me but a secret was all we could ever be. When I said I wanted more you laughed in my face. I never thought i could feel so much hate. I gave you my all and you gave me nothing. But a heart full of regret and body that ached. I don’t understand why I must wait. Wait in the shadows covered by the night sky. Hide my face from light whenever she comes by. You made me believe that I had a chance. But the only thing Ill ever be is the other woman.