In reply to 8052: Kuza sounds just like another million of bands out there,nothing about them is original,just some guys who-obviously- wears much more makeup than I do, their songs and lyrics aren’t original and their bass player manages to sound terrible, especially live-a good friend of mine went to a Kuza concert. *sighs*

Lili Pate During Tapati Festival, Easter Island, Hanga Roa, Chile Chile by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr.

New Post has been published on nEWzSY.com

New Post has been published on http://newzsy.com/top-100-sports-people-of-the-year-80-61/

Top 100 sports people of the year: 80-61

Okay, we admit it: not that many people on the Telegraph Sport desk know too much about sailing, but we found ourselves surprisingly gripped by the September Americas Cup when Sir Ben’s USA Oracle team produced one of the sport’s greatest comebacks 

anonymous asked:

Where did you get the pink dress you wore to the trades of hope event? It's gorgeous!

Thank you! I rented it from Rent the Runway….which was such an amazing experience. I don’t have a lot of room in my fifth wheel for lots of heavy dresses and I had a couple nights where I had to wear formal dresses, so renting dresses was so convenient and allowed me to really get unique dresses.

If you check em out, I’d so appreciate you going through my link or putting me in as the person who referred you so I can continue to use them for events! www.renttherunway.com/referral/chelsie_8061 They are the best!

A fresh coating of snow from the first cold storm of the season blankets Summit, at the top of California’s Cajon Pass, on New Year’s Eve 2014. A westbound BNSF Railway double-stack train, Z-LPKLAC9-29L, is crossing over to the middle main, pulled by ES44DCs 7203 and 7082 and ES44C4s 8218 and 8061.

Sundance Film Festivali’nden 5 Kısa Film

Sundance Film Festivali’nden 5 Kısa Film

2015 Sundance Film Festivali’nde gösterilecek olan kısa filmleri tanımlamak için en iyi kelime “yoğun” olacaktır. Uzun çalışma saatleri sonucunda, 8061 kısa film arasından 60 tanesi festivalde gösterilmek üzere seçildi.

Kısa filmler ilerleyen zamanlarda online olarak da izlenebilecek.

İşte festivalin en ilgi çekici 5 kısa filmi:

“A.D. 1363, The End of Chivalry” / Amerika – Yeni Zelanda


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Wolfgang is moving on!

Trading: Wolfgang
Looking for: Offers (tree/bush starters or bells) are welcome, Sprinkles if possible!
Move date: 22.01.15 - In boxes at the moment!
Additional info: You will have to pick him up, I have the max number of villagers.
Will be voiding him asap, so if you’re interested please message me as soon as you can!
tumblr URL: 3rlp.tumblr.com
Mayor Name/Town Name: Rachel/Danville
FC: 4527-8061-2106

Preventive Services Covered under the Affordable Care Act

Preventive Services Covered under the Affordable Care Act

Preventive Services Covered under the Affordable Care Act

Individual Project -Preventive Services Covered Under the Affordable Care Act
Due-Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 5:00PM via email to dennis.chaney@wku.edu.



Each student is required to prepare a one (1) Pager on the Preventive…

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[出演] 2014.10.3 岩渕貞太『conditions』




構成・振付・出演 岩渕貞太

音楽 蓮沼執太

出演 岩渕貞太 小暮香帆

前売2,700円 当日3,000円(全席自由)

2014年10月4日(土)15:00- | 19:00-★TALK

お問合せ 岩渕貞太 身体地図 080-5878-8061 info@teita-iwabuchi.com