so i drew nine of my favorite bonnie humanizations on tumblr!
1st: birdapocalypse, spider-in-a-tupperware/the-lunatic-witch-doctor, ceeberoni

2nd: ask-bonniebun, fazfuck, mizby/rufusmcdoofus (i’ve seen the both of you draw him so i wasn’t exactly sure which one of you to credit!!)

3rd: maladjustedmike, greerby and coulsart  !!

my bonnie can only admire all these cool peeps from afar

this is the face of clinical fatigue and probable strep throat
Symptoms include: dizziness, shivering until your teeth are chattering percussively, feeling like your lymph nodes are performing amateur acupuncture on your windpipe, wearing a blanket like a sith hood, and forcible cat spooning