This is the next poster in our Printable series. You can download it here. The text is simple, bold, and straight to the point. It garners traffic to the project, which redirects traffic to organizations that are dealing with and fighting for the issue when people look how to get involved.

“Transgender people still can’t serve in the military.

… don’t forget the T in LGBT.”

This is how we start to get people to notice the problems. This is how we make a change. This is how we will overcome the great hill that is transphobia, particularly the great shame that is the segregation of our armed forces and “disqualification” of millions of americans from serving their country because of who they are.

Estoy en esta etapa en la que nada sobre la vida útil me llama la atención, mientras tengo el peso heredado de las personas en mi entorno, de lo que es la buena vida. En este laberinto en que estas dos ideas me llevan, termino revolcada y triste, y preocupada más que nunca de encontrar una salida, la cuál sinceramente antes no me había importado. Tengo tanto miedo y coraje de mí misma, por ser tan tonta y débil al dejarme arrollar por las necesidades impuestas, por mi desinterés de años anteriores, por mi modo le llevar la vida, por ya no seguir siendo aquello que me gustaba ser, y perder la fe en lo que estaba haciendo, por este medio año en el que cedí a soltar el placer del presente y preocuparme por mi futuro, y mi vida pasada en la que el futuro me tenía totalmente despreocupada. Parece también que ya no es suficiente el amor… y tener ese pensamiento naciendo en el fondo de mi ser me quiere destruir las entrañas. Nunca había dudado en el amor hasta en estos días que parece más bien ser el nexo incómodo y doloroso, el acto de fricción entre dos entes que piden a gritos fundirse en uno y poseer independencia… y en el que un acto de fe desilusionado puede ser suficiente para debilitar cualquier otra cosa que no sea el amor… Tengo tantas ideas en mi cabeza y estoy tan triste y furiosa, que quiero llegar y arremeter contra el mundo para demostrarme a mí misma que estoy equiuvocada.

Indie Band Tour Flyer (Clubs & Parties)

Indie Band Tour Flyer (Clubs & Parties)

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My Three Suns

I have found my three great loves.  When I wonder about my future, I can’t imagine being without them.  S**** is my life-mate.  She grounds me in who I am emotionally.  I**** is my life-mate.  He keeps my mind rooted in life and how to live it.  J*** is my life-mate.  He secures my heart.

S**** is the most beautiful person in my life.  Her talents for music supercede those of any other.  Her skil in language, both native and foreign, is immense.  She epitomizes the sunrise; filling the world around her with light and song.

I**** is the most kind person in my life.  His strength of mind and spirit awe me.  His ability to understand the world around him, and to express that understanding, is powerful.  He is my midday; bright and clear in his purpose.

J*** is the most comfortable person in my life.  His drive for betterment fuels everything in his life.  His acceptance of others and self-assessments are inspiring.  He glows, much like dusk on the prairie; soft, pure light, that fills the bowl of the sky.

When the last light of day fades, and I’m left to myself, I become unsure or who I am.  My fears rise up.  My anxieties descend.  Depression approaches from the sides.  My only course of action is to move forward through the night.

Imagine the relief I feel when my loves chase away the darkness of my nights.

My loves.  My three shining suns.


stuck in the sand &or always crashing the same car  


Another detail shot of the nearly completed snake in the grass piece I’ve been working on for a while now. I’m nearing completion, which feels great. I should have it scanned in by Sunday. 

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My thoughts on Freud's "Uncanny"

I’m reading this for my Lit Analysis class.  It’s a fascinating read, for sure, but dull at many points.  Freud mentions Mark Twain off-hand at one point.

I like his idea of what makes something uncanny, but I’m not certain I agree with him.  Might be because I have mixed feelings about anything Freud writes.

Lord help me with this rubbish professor, who will likely flaunt Freud as a genius.

BookFactory® Forex Trading Log Book / Journal / Logbook – 120 Page, 8.5″x11″, Black Hardbound (XLog-120-7CS-A-L-Black(Forex Trading Log Book))

BookFactory® Forex Trading Log Book / Journal / Logbook – 120 Page, 8.5″x11″, Black Hardbound (XLog-120-7CS-A-L-Black(Forex Trading Log Book)) Ruled Pages with Page Numbers and Fields for Subject, Date and Book Number Hard Bound Book with Reinforced Imitation Leather Cover, and Placeholder Ribbon Smyth Sewn – Books lies flat when open; Archival Quality, Acid-Free Paper … Continue reading BookFactory® Forex Trading Log Book / Journal / Logbook – 120 Page, 8.5″x11″, Black Hardbound (XLog-120-7CS-A-L-Black(Forex Trading Log Book)) →

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