1x02 deep throat | unidentified flying objects, i think that fits the description pretty well. tell me i’m crazy. // mulder, you’re crazy.

I was nominated for the #ispinbecause challenge by my love @mackenziem175 . I spin because I was a little kid that fell in love with colorguard and wanted to be a part of it. Over the past eight or so years, I have been so blessed to be a part of several fantastic organizations, where I’ve met so many wonderful people that I will always consider to be a part of my family. Colorguard taught me that anything can happen with hard work and a committed lack of fear. This activity has had a completely transformative effect on my life, and I wouldn’t trade the hours upon hours upon hours spent sweating on a field or a floor and driving up and down the coast eight million times for anything in the world. People always ask me, “do you ever talk about anything other than colorguard?” And all I can really say to that is “why would I?”
I nominate @aarynclerk and @wallersaballer #cbsmt #alwaysatitan #7thregiment #mcor #SAC #NESBA #USSBA #DCI #WGI #me #love

fun story: in 7th grade i had a hardcore maroon 5 phase and i wrote them a lot of fan letters and stuff and one time i didnt know what to send so i printed out a big picture of myself, laminated it, signed it with sharpie wrote a note that just said “u probably send out a lot of signed pictures of yourself, now the tables have turned” and sent it


Adventure Time and Space!

A master post of all my Doctors in Adventure Time style. These were fun, I’ll probably leave the series for a bit here but if I ever do any more, I’ll be doing things like the Peter Cushing Dr. Who, Jackson Lake & Rosita, the Curse of the Fatal Death Doctors, the Master etc… not any time soon though.

I also stuck the collection on my Redbubble because I know a few of you wanted prints!

Here are the individual posts!

1, Susan, Ian and Barbara

2 and Jamie

3 and Jo

4, Sarah and K9

5, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric

6 and Peri

7 and Ace

8 and Grace

War Doctor

9 and Rose

10, Martha and Donna 

11, Amy and Rory 

12 and Clara