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7Dayz- new Tupac documentary with ultra rare footage recorded during the last 8 months of his life

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Upcoming Artists - Episode 1 : Blue Marble
We just want to control the world. And when I say ‘control the world,’ I mean OUR world. Like, my life is my world and your life is your world, so when I say ‘take control of our world,’ I mean take control of our own world, where at least we can have movie theaters and stores. A community. We don’t even have a community. They’ve got Little Italy, little everything; they don’t have a Little Africa. They’ve got the ghetto. And we think that that’s ours. That’s not even ours. That’s just what’s leftover.
—  Tupac Shakur, 7Dayz Trailer
Media Questions Of The Week

1. Will Denzel Washington win his third Oscar this year for his role in “Flight?”

2. Will Gobi M. Rahini’s documentary “7Dayz” about Tupac’s last days be any good? Are his claims about Suge Knight never being hit by a bullet true?

3. Will Michelle Obama’s Mom Dance make moms dance better and make dancing more acceptable to the nation?

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7dayz - 내가그댈MV

it’s been a long time since i last listen to this song. still as nice as ever :)