PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! Nicoll is a young trans woman from Guatemala who asked for asylum at the border so that she could be free from violence and discrimination. Instead, the immigration authorities locked her up in a for-profit prison with men and where she’s experienced sexual abuse and harassment at the hands of guards and other detained people based on being trans. To help get her out of detention:
1) Sign and share this petition:http://www.notonemoredeportation.com/portfolio/freenicoll/
2) Share these beautiful posters made by the artist Julio Salgado and make them viral so that more people learn about Nicoll.
3) Call ICE at 202.732.4262 and tell them to free Nicoll Hernandez-Polanco (A089-841-464) now! The trans community will not let her be abused.


The Battles of Tours was not a war of nations, but rather a battle of civilizations between Islam and Christian Europe. The Muslims had been conquering the remains of the Roman and Persian empires and were heading toward modern day France to continue their expansion. The Frankish King Charles (“The Hammer”) Martel wasn’t about to let that happen, so he gathered his forces at Tours and defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of Moorish Spain, led his Army northward.

Most modern historians believe that Martel’s victory at Tours shaped the course of Western Europe. Had the Franks fallen to the Moors, there was no other power in existence at the time capable of containing Islam’s spread, meaning there would have been no Charlemagne (Martel’s grandson) or Holy Roman Empire. Christianity and Europe as we know it today may have hinged on that one battle.

In addition to changing the course of Western civilization, Martel’s brilliant strategic military mind and his ability to coordinate cavalry and infantry enabled him to beat the much larger Islamic army. The Battle of Tours marked the first time a European force of heavy infantry defeated a Moorish cavalry army, and established the Franks as the premier military power in Europe for years to come.