To do: 7.28.11


  • Bucket list
  • Description for Learning Program


  • Essay on the question given after watching Bionic Woman. (idk what it is, but I know there was a question flashed. lol)


  • Watch Batas Militar
  • Make a reflection paper based on the documentary (guide questions are not yet given)

I guess that’s it for now. Woot.

Since I can’t post anything sensible on this tumblog, I’ll just make this as a ‘planner’ or s/t like that. HAHA. :))

Selfless and selfish; definition blurred between the lines.

To where you’re at a point where nothing even matters, and where priorities get misconstrued; people have even lost their cue.

feelings; misinterpreted, state of mind; lost in the circuit.

Words start needing to be smaller, less complex, for that guy sitting on your left.

No one’s getting the point, as if you’re from another demention.

I’ve lost  the need to even mention,

that I’ve tried so hard to be understood, and I could if I would, explain this.

Everything so lost and blurred, sentences are no longer herd.