[OPEN] Impossible to forget…

Pele sat on the side of a cliff, remembering; the only thing gods can do when they are bored. No god can forget, after all. It sounds like a good thing to a human; never forget appointments, never forget your mother’s birthday… But a god’s mind is more prone to negativity, even more than human’s. They remember everything, but it’s the experiences they want to forget that stand out the most.

And so, Pele sighed and remembered. Normally, she would be doing something more enjoyable, like hunting, or surfing, or burning people alive… but not today. The skies were gloomy and the sun refused to shine. It wasn’t raining yet, but it was bound to. It was not a day to do much of anything, except… remember.

Pele did not want to remember, though. All she wanted was a break in the clouds. She was cut off from the sun’s warmth, and it was making her slightly lethargic. If it warmed up, she’d have the energy to grab her bow and hunt something, probably a rat, just for sport. Or perhaps she could practice fighting or sharpen her weapons. Pele refused to be caught off guard, or at least, be found without a weapon. Even alone on the side of the cliff, she clutched a small dagger in her hand. A habit formed from a lesson learned.

What Pele would do for someone to talk to! However, half of her family hated her. The other half, she could not return to. How sad to live in infamy. Her reputation for pushing everyone away kept anyone new from getting close, even when she wanted them there.

And oh, how she wanted to meet someone new. Maybe someone… maybe someone who could care about her? Love her even?

“But that is a ridiculous notion…” she whispered to herself, and with that thought, she let her guard down.

Into The Fire

Characters: Liam O’Dywer [Dylan O’Brien] and Maddie Ester [Freya Mavor]
Setting: Small Town America/High School
Based Loosely On: Golden by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The thing about the Ester family is they have all been gifted with something. Her mother is a seer in a way. She can see things that are happening a million miles away. Her sister is an aura seer, she can see people’s auras and can latch them together if she wants to, causing love or tear them apart, causing a break up. She was almost like a cupid. Her father wasn’t gifted, it didn’t come from his side of the family but he deals with it all the same. And then there is Maddie. She wouldn’t be so bitter if her “gift” wasn’t so destructive. Being gifted with pyrokinesis was a pain in the ass. She has lit everything on fire at some point or another and she’s still learning. It showed in her personality too. She had a short temper, got frustrated easily and if you got her going, she could be a downright bitch without even taking a breath. This was why it got so hard for her to reel it in. Deep breaths and calming thoughts were not her thing. She still had moments where it got too much, when her mother had to wrap her in a fire blanket… Until him.

Liam observes, that’s all he’s ever done. He watches people, keeps track of their actions and ignores them when they call him out on it. He’s a man of few words but that’s mostly because he’s learnt that people never really listen anyway. He’s content to stay a mystery but there is a heart in there and it’s been hardened by things that he’s never really spoken about. But he liked Maddie. He liked her a lot. She lost her patience with him, snapping at him, asking why he never spoke and he was smitten. She questioned him, forcing an opinion from him and she  amused him to no end.

But to Maddie, he’s broody, never says anything and constantly stares at her like she’s from a different planet. It feels like he can judge her with a raise of an eyebrow and that little annoying smirk. She hates how he always seems to have cigarettes even though he’s not old enough and how he gets engrossed in books with titles she can’t even pronounce. Yet he makes her feel… better. When she’s losing control or she can feel the heat rising from her uncontrollably, she just glances at him or touches his arm and it fades, ebbing away into nothing. The annoying thing is that he knows it. If she hadn’t opened her big mouth, if she hadn’t said that she needed him around, he wouldn’t have that annoying cocky smirk all over his face when he looked at her sometimes.

Everyone says that they like each other. That it’s all just tension, that one day it will become something. Maddie refuses, just flat out refuses to let it happen. It was a miracle that they were even friends. She doesn’t like him, he’s just not her type. He knows this as well, she’s told him enough times. But he keeps hanging around and she can’t help feeling comfortable.


  • I’ll be playing Liam (Unless an app for him blows me away)
  • The faceclaims are just suggestions so they can be changed. Also how these two became friends can be discussed.
  • I have plot ideas for this so message me if you wanna know what they are. Same with any questions. 


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Into The Fire

Stop awhile and take the time to think on your sins
It must be your indecision breaking your dreams
See the mess you’re making with a smile you’re faking
You are not the one who wins
Falling… into the fire!

Turn on all the music that comes out of your soul
Is there anybody who can hear when you call?
What goes on inside you? Can the darkness hide you?
Loneliness is in control
Going… into the fire!

Learn to live your life before it’s over and done
Someday they will listen to the words you have sung
Love you were denying, it will stop your dying
Come arise, become the sun
Send your hate… into the fire!

[Charismel - 26.04.2014]

As much as I love ”Into The Fire” by Deep Purple as a song, boy do I hate the lyrics. Thus I wrote my own, as well for performing it onstage with my band. Not a masterpiece but I like it.

What’s hotter than vulnerability


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Start an HOA - what’s the worst that could happen?

For me, it’s dead air. That long uncomfortable silence between you and an audience. Thus far, I’ve had a little help from my friends +Mani Saint-Victor +Zara Altair +Mark Seydel and +Stephanie Sims 

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Under Fire

"A spiritual understanding that is not practice under fire is without value; only by applying our knowledge in trying situations do we come to a genuine possession of it."  ~I Ching

Over the last couple weeks, I would definitely say that my internal worlds have been under fire, ablaze with triggers, insecurities and stepping into the dark unknown.  And for me “applying our knowledge”, means to dive straight into it, look at every possible truth and feel it all the way through.  It has been quite a ride and the words above definitely have offered me encouragement time and time again.  I mean, if you are going to go into the internal hell of deep wounds, you might as well know that your going get something genuine out of it, right?

I’d be great to say that I do it because it’s the “right” thing to do or because it helps the world at large. But quite honestly, often times the only thing that motivates me to do my work is knowing what I will get something out of it, knowing that the crappy sh#t that holds me back and takes up space inside will purge, leaving me with a new lens and feeling stronger with myself, my loves and my world.  

Last Wednesday evening, I lite a candle, sat on my floored,  felt everything and cried my eyes out…come Thursday and through the weekend so many ah-ha’s, insights and deep realizations kept landing in my lap, expanding my heart and giving me the sweet feeling of release.  Some of it I “thought” I understood and “knew”, but after Wednesday, for the first time, I felt like I really really got it all the way into me.

Thinking back on your life, do you feel this statement as true?  Do you feel like you have gained something out of practicing your spirituality under fire?  Maybe next time the heat gets turned up, you can remember this quote and decide to go head first knowing that at least you’ll get a few party favors out of it!  I definitely did!!

Happy Inspiration Wednesday Loves and may we all be filled with the motivation and courage to walk through the fire of our deepest selves.

In love, light, ground and truth, I honor you,